• QOTD: What's your favourite nail shape?

Hi lovelies! How are you? Today I'd like to ask you about how do you like to shape your finger nails. Let's see the usual nail shapes and some unusual ones and chat about them.

1) Oval

This nail shape was the most popular until some years ago. It's supposed to be soft and feminine. My personal opinion is that it looks very vintage and chic with red nail polish but I don't really like it with other nail colours or french. I love this look on Dita Von Teese.

2) Square

Then the french manicure became the hottest nail trend so the nails went square. This is supposed to be the best shape for healthy nails.

3) Squoval

But many ladies, like myself, find that square nails are not very practical. The edges get caught in clothes, you may scratch people by mistake and it's impossible to remove your contact lenses! So what they do is shape their nails square and then round the edges. So, yes, this is my favourite nail shape. It looks good with both coloured and french mani. And it's safer for people around me! :D

4) Pointy
This nail shape is very popular with gel nails or acrylics and you can go as long or short as you want. Some of our favourite celebrities choose this nail shape to make a statement.

This may not look comfortable and practical but some women say it actually is. I haven't tried it so I can't share my personal opinion. If you have, I'd love to read yours!

5) Crazy nail shapes

Heart shaped nail.
 Spiral shaped nail.

So, tell me, what's your favourite nail shape? Have you tried anything crazy?

Diclaimer: All images do not belong to me.


  1. i like them square, but this shape is hard when your nails aren't hard enough... so mine are squoval ;-D
    pointy nails should be listed as weapon ;-)

  2. Very interesting post Natalie! On my I prefer square nails but I do like the oval shape in any way on other people (french or full colour manicure) I especially like the 50s red mani on Dita von Teese :)

    Nowadays I am also liking the stiletto nails (pointy) as well. Oh and check out edge nails and blade nails; they are the latest forms ;) xx

  3. To tetragwnismeno!!!Teleio k gia autoamyna!!!!

  4. @nail crazy: same here hun! It's weird because square is supposed to be the best shape for your nail health. But somehow the edges keep breaking! lol @ p.s!!

    @Lara: Thanks sweety!! I'd like to try pointy nails but I should warn people around me first! Edge and blade nails, I'll definitely check them out!!

    @Κερασία: χιχι, δεν έχεις και άδικο, με μακρύ τετράγωνο νύχι όποιος πλησιάζει δε γλυτώνει τις γρατζουνιές!

    //NatalieDouka writing

  5. It depends on my mood Squoval I think is the best I'm not very fond of long nails though I think thats because of the shape of my Nails the pointy is awful just a weird trend

  6. Apisteuto post!!! mou arese para polu! ta 2 teleutaia sxedia oute kan ta gnwriza! :P
    egw protimw to square,eukolo k kalo ! ;)
    alla sigoura 8elw na kanw kati trelo opws to spiral shaped (hahaha plaka kanw) :P

  7. I have tried most shapes but my favourite is oval by far. I think I'm so used to seeing it on my nails that I just find them weird in any other shape.

  8. @Demi: thanks for commenting doll! Many kisses!

    @FashionSugarBubbles: χαίρομαι πολύ που σου άρεσε!! Πολλά φιλάκια!

    @Cel: I agree, it depends on the person. My mum loves oval shape but on me it looks weird.

  9. I like squoval shaped nails because they don't break or tear as easy as square shaped nails.Stiletto nails are my least favorite because they can seriously hurt somebody.

  10. @CookingChichillas: I agree with you! :D Thanks for commenting hun!

  11. Ti periergo pou molis eida auto to post! 2-3 meres prin allaksa to sxima twn nixiwn mou k ena k ena nail polish post, haha! Egw sinithws ta kanw squoval alla eida to teleutaio videaki tis lisa eldridge pou leei oti einai sti moda ta oval, k eipa na to dokimasw! Den ein' kakooo...!

  12. @Υ: Αλήθεια; Τέλειο! χμμμ, λες να το δοκίμαζα κι εγώ; Γιατί όχι; :D


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