• My first franken polish

Hey gorgeous!
Some of you may not know what a franken polish is so let me quickly explain it. It's basically when you mix 2 or more nail polishes to create a new one.
I wanted the Korres Sky Blue nail polish I've seen in blogs but I already have too many nail polishes. When I saw my sister's Essence nail polish I immediately knew it would become my perfect sky blue polish if I added some white in it.

You'll need
- 2 or more nail polishes you already have. I can be creams, mattes, shimmers or even glitters.
- an empty nail polish bottle. When you finish a base coat or top coat, keep the bottle, clean it with some acetone and store it for your frankens.
- nail polish thinner or clear nail polish

How you'll do it
This is what I do, if you are a pro you can skip the first paragraph. I use a tiny dish and I mix my polishes there at first. I add some drops of each colour until I reach the colour I want. If I believe it's ok I paint one nail with the colour I created. I add more drops to make it darker or lighter and paint another nail.
When I think I've found the exact shade I want, I add the lightest colour in the empty bottle. Then I add the darker one very slowly and shake well every now and then. When I think I've created the shade I want I paint a stripe on the nail that is already painted with my desired shade before. Because some bottles make the colours look a little different than on nails. If the two colours match, you have your perfect nail polish!

I used Essence Bonnie and Beauty Line Cosmetics white to create my  
Sky Blue franken polish

I added a bow just for fun :) Do you like it?
It's super easy to create a darker or lighter shade of one of your nail polishes. It's not that easy when you use different finishes polishes but the result can be more that amazing!! Scroll down to see the frankens 2 lovely ladies created and you'll see what I mean! I'm in love with these frankens!!

Seriously, they are breathtaking! Click the links to read their posts and see more photos.
Thank you so much for stopping by and commenting! <3 <3


  1. I do that all the time because I am never happy with a shade of color :D

    The color you mixed is pretty!The bow amps up the cuteness factor by 1000%!


  2. nice result!!! I also like the stamp/design!!!

  3. I love the result, such a lovely blue :)

  4. Foverh idea, nomizw to epixeirhsa sta niata mou alla mallon to apotelesma itan athlio kai den to 3anakana!!! Mallon prepei na to 3anadokimasw!

  5. Very pretty color! I had never heard of the term before, anything to do with Frankenstein? That's what is it reminds me of haha :)

  6. So cute, I love your new nail polish. Maybe I will try to do something like that...looks fun!

  7. Thanks so much my lovelies!!

    @Y: yes it does! :D :D

  8. Frankening is so much fun! I find it very relaxing to blend colors! Love your franken! Very cute bow!

  9. Kale, apo kriti eisai? Ti latreuw tin kriti & tous anthrwpous tis!!! Spoudazei kai o aderfos mou ekei, kai pigainw oso pio sixna mporw! Lew mesa stous epomenous mines na ksanapaw kamia fora!
    Ti kala :)

  10. They are all amazing the first is my favourite :)

  11. the color is lovely its hard to find the perfect blue shade for your hand....a lot of likes here!!!

  12. wow ti uperoxa xrwmata! eidika t mauro!

  13. great franken, love the color :-D
    and you really surprised me with my own franken, i'm glad you like it, thanks dear :-D

  14. @The Peach: I know, me too! Thanks! :D

    @Y: nai, xixi!

    @Cloe Mia: thanks doll!

    @Demi: thanks love!

    @FashionSugarBubbles: den einai teleio? Otan to eida prwth fora eixe meinei kai to xazeva gia 10 lepta!

    @nail crazy: Thanks! Your franken is gorgeous! <3


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