• QOTD: What type of foundation do you like for hot summer days?

Hi dolls! How are you?
Before summer is gone I'd like to ask you about the foundation type you are enjoying these hot days.

- Is it a lightweight tinted moisturiser to moisturise and even out the skin?

- Is it a cream to powder foundation that will remain matte in high temperatures?

- Or maybe you use powder. Regular one or mineral (powder) foundation?
- There are also the mousse type foundations.

- Or are you loving a BB cream?

- You may only use sunscreen with high spf to protect your skin from sun damage or your regular foundation with sunscreen underneath it. Or nothing at all!
Please tell me, I'm really interested in reading your comments! :D

Me? For full make up routine I've been using liquid foundation on top of face sunscreen and then powder to avoid getting oily. When I want light coverage I choose mineral foundation for a matte look or tinted moisturiser for a more dewy look.

Note: Pictures are just for reference, I don't own any of the products shown


  1. I think a BB cream would be ideal no matter what the weather, with some concealer for imperfections.
    Then again if it's extremely hot & humid, mineral foundations might be better!

  2. If I had anything other than liquid and powder foundation, I would use it. :)
    Especially some light tinted moisturiser.

  3. Great post. I love finding new skin/coverage products.


  4. @Y: I agree! Thanks for visiting doll!

    @Just me and Hohner: Liquid foundation is great! And you can always mix it with your face cream for lighter coverage ;)

  5. @The Desert Fox: thanks for visiting!

  6. I use only powder and concealer just to cover imperfections and stay matt!

  7. Thanks for the post!! i def need a new foundation! :D

  8. i am using just a cream with spf and just a bit of concealer when needed but a tinted moisturiser like the laura mercier is even better. i dont like putting a lot of product during the summer as they cause break outs. also spf creams are a bit heavy on skin no matter what

  9. @Demi: it sounds perfect!

    @FashionSugarBubbles: thanks for stopping by doll!

    @leinti nti: I totally agree with you! Tinted moisturisers with spf are perfect, if only the Laura Mercier one was more affordable!


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