• Fraulein 38 - 24 pcs starter brush set review

Hi sweeties! I wrote this review a long time ago but somehow it got lost in time and space - watching Doctor Who has side effects lol!!
I got this brush set in the same order with the 120 colours jelly matte palette. I am stupid because although I had read this post by Xristina I didn't choose the set she got which I knew was good. Silly me! But first things first. I've used all of them and washed them 2-3 times so that I can give you a real review. Shall we begin?


It came in this black leather-like brush case. When I opened it there was a plastic smell so I unrolled it and left it that way overnight. In the morning there was no noticeable smell. As you can see, every single brush had protective wrap around it.
The brushes are black and the silver company logo is printed on the handle. The handles are about 17cm long and look very professional.
Dimensions from the site: 25 x 18 x 5 cm and weight: 0.44kg

The actual product

Here you can see all the brushes in the set. Since some of the brushes are very similar I divided them in 4 categories and I'll write my opinion on each category instead of every single brush.

Face brushes

A small and a large fan brush, a powder brush, a blush brush and an angled blush brush. These are not soft. They lose hairs when I use them, the lose dye when I wash them and they don't blend in the products easily. I'm not happy with them.

Large eye brushes

Regular and angled, large eye brushes. These are made from different hair type than the brushes in the previous category, as you can see. They are very dense. They are good for cream products like concealers and cream eyeshadows. They don't work well with powder products. Impossible to blend regular eyeshadows with these brushes, I tried. So I'd say the brushes in this category are ok.

Small eye and lip brushes

These brushes can be used for eyes and lips. Small or big, narrow or wide, flat top or angled, you can find the brush you want here. Same hair type, good for cream eyeshadows, gel eyeliners, lipsticks and lipglosses. Not good for powder products. I like the fact that I can find really small brushes to apply my gel eyeliner as close to the lashes as possible but there are too many brushes in this category. So this is another just ok category.

Various brushes
Foundation brush, eyeshadow sponge, mascara wand, lash and brow comb. These brushes are exactly the way they should be, I really like them.

+ many brushes
+ nice brush case, easy for traveling
+ low price

- they are not soft
- some of them lose hairs and dye
- no brush for regular eyeshadow, no eye blending brush (I was disappointed because of that)

More info
* Shipping to Greece took about 20 days (including weekends).
* The customer service was great, they replied very fast.
* A minor problem I had with this order was that the website is sooo slow!

Summary: 2,5/5
I do not recomend this particular brush set but I'd suggest you look at the website because there are other, better quality brush sets for a few more money (or less brushes). Take a look at Xristina's post, I think she is happy with her set.

Where can you find/buy it-Cost
- Fraulein38
- Price £ 12.99
- Shipping cost  £ 1.00

Disclaimer: I was given a discount ordering this item. I'm not affiliate with Fraulein 38 and the company won't pay me for this post. I'll always share my honest opinion.


  1. It's sad to get a mediocre brush set,but you might want to try to dip the brushes in a hair mask and let it sit for some hours.That usually softens the bristles a lot.
    Huggies <3

  2. Hmm krima pou den vgikane poly kala! Fainetai poly kali eukairia pantws, k i istoselida tous exeis polla proionta!

  3. @CookingChichillas: maybe I'll try it, thanks hun! <3

    @Y: ναι, η παλέτα είναι τέλεια και έχει άλλα σετ με πινέλα που φαίνονται πολύ καλύτερα!

  4. too bad, i'm always sad when i want something and it turns up to be disappointing :-(
    at least, some of the brushes are good enough ;-)

  5. Είχα μπει και εγώ στην σελίδα τους και είχα ενθουσιαστεί,αλλά τώρα που μας ενημέρωσες μάλλον δεν είναι και τόσο καλή ιδέα. Βέβαια οι σκιές φαίνονται καλές..αλλά αν δεν τις δοκιμάσεις ποτέ δεν ξέρεις σίγουρα!

  6. I have a 20 piece set from Fraulein and although I like most of the brushes, the ones with red hairs tend to bleed every time I wash them but apart from that, I have never had any other problems with them :)

  7. @nail crazy: yes, I'll keep them as backups. Thanks for stopping by hun!

    @Μοντέρνα Σταχτοπούτα: Η παλέτα τους μου αρέσει πολύ, τα πινέλα με απογοήτευσαν λίγο. Δες όμως το σετ που πήρε η Χριστίνα, φαίνεται πολύ καλύτερο! Πολλά φιλάκια!

    @Lara: Same here. I wish I had gone for a smaller set and better quality. Never mind, I'll keep these as backups. Thanks for visiting doll!

  8. the eyeshadow from the purple make up look is the one from the purple lovie palette with a turquoise base :)
    Have a wonderful sunday dear <3

  9. Πάντως εγώ που παρήγγειλα τα 25 professional brushes είμαι πολύ ευχαριστημένη γενικά σε σχέση και με την τιμή τους. Είναι όλα τα πινέλα από φυσική τρίχα, πολύ μαλακά όλα και δεν "πέφτουν" οι τριχούλες. Κρίμα που αυτά σε απογοήτευσαν...

  10. @mariza: Έπρεπε να το ψάξω περισσότερο, έκανα βλακεία, το ξέρω. Αλλά γι'αυτό έγραψα την κριτική, για να ξέρετε ποιο να μην πάρετε! Όχι ότι είναι χάλια απλά δεν είναι πολύ καλό.

  11. Aυτο το σετ μου θυμιζει τα σετ που πουλανε στο ebay,πραγματικη η ελλειψη eyeshadow & blending brush ειναι ανεπιτρεπτη..

  12. @Artemi: Συμφωνώ απολύτως!

  13. It's a shame that these brashes didn't work for you...never heard before this brand...online shopping unfortunatelly has a risk :(

  14. @Demi: yeah, I wish I had chosen a better quality set... Never mind, I'll still use some of them. Many kisses!

  15. Ρε συ και γω αυτά που πήρε η Μαρίζα πήρα και ειναι καμία σχέση με τα δικά σου!!...κρίμα ρε Ναταλι...

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