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Hi lovelies!
Some time ago BornPrettyStore hosted a facebook giveaway and as a gift I received Hello Kitty nail art stickers. I have never had Hello Kitty nail stickers before so I decided to test my (and your) limits and try a super girly light pink glittery mani. And I liked it!! Here's the mani:

The items I used (base and top coat are not in the photo):

I had fun creating it but if it's too pink and girly for you, I'd definitely try a mani with matte black polish, glitter and these stickers!
Stickers: Hello Kitty Nail Stickers
And another lovely design I plan to buy:  Chanel Logo Nail Stickers
Here's the fb page, they always have cool giveaways!

I have to say that these stickers impressed my by their staying power. With top coat they won't move for as long as the nail polish stays on. Other nail stickers I've tried are not that good, they'll fall off in 2 days.

If you want to place an order you can use the code TENOFFK31 for 10% off your order. Plus, there is always free worldwide shipping (no code needed, just choose this option during checkout).

Disclaimer: I received the nail stickers for free as the gift of a facebook giveaway. All links are affiliate links. The company doesn't pay me to use the products. This is my honest opinion.


  1. @CookingChinchillas: thanks hun!

  2. very pretty mani! looks good on you!

  3. so cute, i love hello kitty :-D

  4. Thanks for your lovely comments! :D

  5. Oh my god!!! Super cute and girly!!! Love it :)))

  6. ti apisteutoooooo!!! exw kollima me tn kitty!! <3

  7. Super girly and cute!! I love :D


  8. @NicolaBear987: thank you sweety!


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