• Pinky and the Brain (franken)

Hello beautiful people!
There are some new Essence products in Greece, finally!
I did a small haul and got this beautiful topper among others.
Essence 13 Mrs and Mr Glitter
Clear base with green, turquoise and blue hexagon glitter

I tried it on top of dark blue nail polish and it was very pretty but I wanted something more. These glitters scream Deborah Lippman and indie polishes to me so I HAD to do it. I had to franken! :D

I didn't want a similar colour for base so I chose a pink one, Catrice 160 Sweets For My Sweets.
One empty nail polish bottle,
the base colour (Catrice Sweets For My Sweets),
the glitter polish (Essence Mrs and Mr Glitter),
a clear nail polish (China Glaze First & Last)

At first I just added the base colour and the glitter polish but the glitters weren't that visible. So I added clear polish till I could see the glitters but the polish didn't need a dozen coats to be opaque.

And here's the final result!
Meet Pinky and the Brain! The name is totally crazy, I know, I have no idea how I came up with it! LOL!

The left one is 3 coats and the right one is only 2 coats. On my nails I needed 1 thin and 1 thick coat.

What do you think? Should I make a milky white base one as well?
Do you prefer this kind of polishes or do you like to add the glitters on top?

Bonus (thanks Anna!!)


  1. well done, your franken looks awesome :D

  2. Looks awesome! I adore the name and I think that you should do a triple franken: 2 glitter polishess (different sizes and colours) and a milky white base. Love your creation my dude <3

  3. αν και δεν νομιζω να προλαβες την σειρα.....


  4. @Nina: thanks :D

    @Claire D. T: ευχαριστώ!!

    @nail crazy: thanks hun! :D

    @Ria: have I told you that you have the best ideas?? <3

    @Άννα: τη θυμάμαι βέβαια! Αλλά δεν ήξερα ότι κυκλοφορούσε το τραγούδι, θα το προσθέσω στο ποστ χαχαχα!

  5. Lovely!!! And I love the name you chose, very appropriate XD Wait, we have Catrice here too? I am going to faint!!!

  6. χαχαχαχαχχα,με εκανες και γελασα!

  7. @Cel: no :( we don't have Catrice yet, I got it from a swap

    @Άννα: μα δεν μπορούσα να μην το βάλω! χαχαχα


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