• My HG base coat

Remember my HG top coat post? Today I'll talk about my HG base coat which is

~ China Glaze Strong Adhesion Base Coat ~

What I like about it:
  • it applies thin and dries fast
  • it doesn't let dark polishes stain the nails
  • it's chip resistant
  • it works with holographic polishes which is a really nice surprise
  • it doesn't get thick easily
  • it's big, 14ml and lasts me a long time
  • it costs about €5
What I don't like about it
It's a little weird so I'll try to explain. The brush is too short and never reaches the bottom of the bottle, not even when it's closed. So when the polish is less than 1/3 full it's difficult to reach the polish. And I don't care that much about coloured polishes (seriously, will I ever manage to use 14ml of coloured polish?) but I do want to use all of this base coat!

What's your favourite base coat? I know O.P.I. Nail Envy and Nail Tek Foundation are many nail blogger's must haves, any other suggestions?


  1. κοινοτυπη φυσικα αλλα λατρευω το nail envy strong and thin.επισης πολυ καλες ειναι και οι βασεις της sally hansen,εχω δοκιμασει αρκετες και μου εχουν αρεσει ολες με κορυφαια την miracle κατι-ενα μπλε μπουκαλι.

  2. 5 ευρω απο που το πηρες? μολις εκανα παραγγελια ενα παρακριβο πιο πολυ για θεραπεια

  3. This one sounds really interesting thanks for the review!

  4. Can you use the bottom 1/3 if you turn it on the side to use it?

  5. agapw china glaze alla to base coat den to exw dokimasei!!molis mou teleiwsei to essi tha to dokimasw!

  6. @Stella: νομίζω κατάλαβα ποια Sally Hansen λες, αυτή είναι και για ενδυνάμωση, έτσι;

    @maria christopoulou: ebay ή από εκθέσεις. Αυτό δε νομίζω ότι δυναμώνει το νύχι, απλά κρατάει καλά το βερνίκι και δεν κιτρινίζει τα νύχια ακόμα και με σκούρα βερνίκια γι'αυτό το έχω βολευτεί

  7. @Blushingloves Irene Greece: thanks doll :D

    @Enigmatic Rambles: yes but it's kinda difficult while I'm painting my nails, you know? I'll just use another bottle and add what's left in the new one. Thanks for stopping by :D

    @beauty and the food beast!: essie έχω δοκιμάσει μόνο top coat, λόγω τιμής προτίμησα το china glaze ;)

  8. You should try Mavala's protection base nail polish! ;)

  9. ναι ναι ηταν για νυχια που ξεφλουδιζουν και σπανε κι εκανε πολυ καλη δουλεια.κατα τη γνωμη μου η καλυτερη απο τις sally hansen.την εχω δει και σε sites οπως beautyjoint,fragrance direct κτλ.

  10. Great post and it sounds like a wonderful one but I agree with FashionSugarBubbles the mavala one is more than amazing and also the best on I have tried yet!


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