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March is over and I love that the weather is getting warmer! Let's see my "photo diary" of this month.

March starts with me craving this yummy Red Velvet cake I had with Olga and Sophia at Cake

Don't you just love the first time you open a body butter and it looks like that? I'd compare it to the moment you rip the gold paper of a new Nutella jar, ahhhh..

Btw, the Body Shop has a new BB cream. I'm currently trying it and will let you know how I like it.

Pink Power for Women's Day! I've been loving these two products lately!

Stavroula and I spent a sunny Sunday morning with Sugar Buzz and her delicious vegan cupcakes!! We even decorated some, in the last pic you can see the ones I did ^-^

Then one day I was at bf's house and I felt like raiding his bathroom..

Avene has a new line for normal to combination skin type(my type) so I'm happy to try the Cleansing foam. Loving it so far, post will be up soon

Stop and smell the roses in Jurlique presentation, post coming up as well :D

Searching for a good eye serum I HAD to try this one! The first serum for eyes and lashes available. Currently testing...

I love scented candles and this one smells like chocolate! If only those Yankee Candles weren't that expensive in Greece...

I've been looking for a nice pink cream eyeshadow and was super happy to find this Color Tattoo one for 2€ off. The Body Shop Cherry Blossom perfume oil is also my go-to perfume these days

Working on Sunday morning calls for a coffee, no?

Spring means pastel colours on nails! Left pic is Essence Modern Romance with Essence Gold Rush on ring finger and right pic is Essie Navigate Her

Some new products to try! My hair definitely needs the extra care!

I wish you an amazing April dolls!


  1. Lovely post hun! really like the bits you showed! the make up is gorgeous!!! :) x x

  2. yummy yummy to cake!!!!!!!
    teleia kai i karuda,tin agapw!:D

  3. @fashion written with a lipstick: thanks so much doll, I'm happy you like it :D

    @beauty and the food beast!: θέλω κι άλλοοοο! Μυρίζει θεϊκά η καρύδα, συμφωνώ! Πολλά φιλιά!

  4. Βλέπω ο Μάρτης σου ηταν γεμάτος όμορφες μυρωδιές, ζηλεύωωωω

  5. Πότε πήρες την color tattoo;;;;; Α κι εγώ θέλω!

  6. Lovely photos. :) I love this Essie shade, you were wearing, so pretty. :D

  7. @Ελένη Κερσένογλου: καλό μήνα να έχουμε!! Πολλά φιλιά!

    @Olga: έφαγα όλη την Αθήνα και ήταν η τελευταία!

    @Taya: thanks hun, I love it for spring!


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