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Hey dolls! How are you? I suggest you sit comfortable because this is going to be a long post! :D
So, Sigma has recently launched 3 eyeshadow palettes, named Dare, Bare and Flare. You can click the links to see the colours of each one. Each palette contains a different dual end Sigma brush, there are also photos of each brush in the website. Today, I'll show you the Dare palette. Let's begin! :D


 top: slide-up cardbox, bottom: the palette

- It comes in a slide-up cardbox with colours that match the palette's colours. Inside it is the palette, also with the same colours decorated.
- The palette is about 22.5x7.5x2.5 cm and is made of hard cardbox.
- A strong magnet holds it close. It won't open in your purse or suitcase but you can always use the slide up cardbox, just in case. :)
- The palette contains a 14x3.5 cm mirror, 8 eyeshadows and a dual end Sigma brush (yay!).
Every Sigma palette has a different brush, Dare has a E20-E45 brush.
E20 is a very short shader brush, perfect for application of eyeshadow along the lashline. E45 is a blending brush with a pointy end, perfect for the crease area.
- Each eye shadow has its name written, good job Sigma!
- Net weight is 0.43oz or 12 g.


 Ingredients are written on the back of the cardbox and the palette (click for larger image).

The actual product

the cardbox on top of the mirror so I can take the photo. You can still see part of it.
click for larger image


swatches on arm, I've applied foundation underneath and used a brush

Surrender is a lovely eggplant purple, Grasp is a shimmery coral colour. Chase is a shimmery light pink colour and Escape is a shimmery light beige-grey, both are perfect for highlight. These 4 colours are very nice together and my fav ones, I've created an eye look with them and I'll show you in a minute. Reveal is shimmery, red toned brown and Catch is a matte red toned brown. I have to say that red toned brown is one of the colours that do not compliment me. I could never wear them alone but I can use them to warm up cool toned eye looks. Shout is a matte yellow. When I first saw it I was terrified. I still am but I've used it, you'll see the result below. Vanish is a shimmery gold colour, also good for highlight. All colours are shimmery, except Catch and Shout which are matte.

The eyeshadows are soft and not too powdery. As you can see in the swatches above, the pigmentation is better for darker shades and poor for the 3 lighter ones. The don't crease and stay on for many hours, especially if you use an eye primer.

None detected.

Eye looks
I know that the photos are still not good but I'm practising, changing cameras, angles etc. Please bear with me.

Shout on the lid, Vanish on the inner corner, Surrender along the lower lashliner and the upper a little, Reveal in the crease, Escape on the browbone. Half false eyelashes on.
Chase on the inner corner, Grasp on the lid, Surrender on the crease and the outer half of lower lashline, Escape on the browbone. Half false lashes on.

Last but not least
Sigma is against animal testing, you can see the rabbit sign on the back of the palette and cardbox. You can also see there that the product is designed and assembled in USA and made in China.

Summary: 4/5
I love the packaging and fact that the included brush is good quality, not many palettes offer that. I also love 4 out of the 8 colours and I'll use another 2 of them sometimes. Catch and Shout are the two colours I don't think I'll be using a lot but then again, having 2 crazy colours makes the palette more interesting! I'd like more pigmentation for the shadows though.

Where can you find it-Cost
- Sigma website
- $35.00

Many of you have requested this review, I hope you like it :D If you have any questions don't hesitate!
Do you own any Sigma palettes? Thinking about getting one? I'd love to buy Flare, it has many beautiful colours. Bare is a more neutral one, I guess it'd be perfect for women that prefer a bold lip look.

Disclaimer: the product was sent to me as a gift for winning a giveaway. I am affiliate with Sigma and all link are affiliate ones. The review is 100% honest and nobody pays me to use and review the product.


  1. Woww the palette looks fab <3 Love the eye makeup!!!!!!

  2. I dont own any but i certainly would love to try one . I think the thing that is quite off putting is the packaging is not as attractive as it could be and some of the colors . However sigma has a great name for the fabulous quality and i would love to test this out !!
    kisses xo


  3. the colors look nice, i love what you've done with it :-D
    lovely eyes :-D

  4. That palette is absolutely gorgeous and so are your eyes!!!
    Your pics are great, eftiakses auto to fwto-kouto? :P (einai texnikos o oros, mi gelas, hahahah)

  5. Λοιπον την συγκεκριμενη την εχει μια φιλη μου και οταν την πηρε την κοροιδευα..και αυτη εκλαιγε τα λεφτα της! Τωρα μου λεει οτι την λατρευει ολο και περισσοτερο και οτι ειναι τελεια. Και μενα στη συγκεκριμενη μου αρεσουν σχεδον ολα τα χρωματα! Θα προτιμουσα να ειχα αυτην παρα την Naked της Urban Decay!

  6. You have beautiful eyes. And the colors in palette look great.

  7. @Rakhshanda: thanks so much!! <3

    @glittermeup: I actually like the packaging, I'm thinking about getting Flare, it has so many pretty colors! Kisses doll!

    @nail crazy: thanks very much doll! <3<3

    @Y: χαχα! Και πώς θα χωθώ μέσα καλέ; Αυτό είναι για νύχια μόνο. Εκτός και αν πάρω καμιά κούτα-ξέρω γω-ψυγείου για να χωράω!

    @Κερασία: κοίτα, τα 2 καφέ δε με τρελαίνουν αλλά τα 4 πρώτα είναι πολύ όμορφα! Aνταλλάζουμε; χιχι!

    @Taya: Thanks hun! <3<3

  8. This post is all inclusive...you couldn't describe better the pallete...the photos are great so does the makeup I'm dying for the shape of your brows!!! I think that Catch ans Shout are beautyfull colors try Catch only in crease just a tab and Shout under a white eyeshadow don't underestimate yellow colors it gives more light than anyother!!! Lovely review thank you!!

  9. Αμε!!!! Στην έδινα με τη μια! Την εχω χρησιμοποιήσει 3 φορές όλες και όλες..δεν μου αρέσει λεμεεεεεεε!!! Και την πήρα από beautybay.
    Ηλπιζα οτι τωρα που φθινοπώριασε θα μου άρεσε περισσότερο αλλα....νο νο νο

  10. Είναι τέλεια!! Το μακιγιάζ που έκανες φανταστικό!! Έχεις και όμορφα μάτια..άρα όλα με το μέρος σου!! χαχα Φιλιά!!

  11. @Demi: lovely tips, thanks doll!! <3<3

    @Μοντέρνα Σταχτοπούτα: ευχαριστώ πολύ καλή μου! Καλά, ας μην ήταν η ψεύτικη βλεφαρίδα και σου έλεγα! χαχα!

  12. έχω δεί πάρα πολλά reviews για αυτές τις παλέτες και όλοι λένε τα καλύτερα..Είμαι ανάμεσα στην αγορά μιας Naked palette απο Urban Decay καιτης Bare απο Sigma... τώρα είναι που έχω καταμπερδευτεί...

    αχ βαχ...

  13. Μου αρέσει και μένα πάρα πολύ....την έχω βάλει στο μάτι εδώ και καιρό.....και εγώ έχω το ίδιο πρόβλημα.Δεν ξέρω τι να πρωτοπάρω....Naked palette ή Bare Sigma??

  14. @makeupbymarias: Δεν την έχω δοκιμάσει τη naked οπότε δεν μπορώ να κάνω σύγκριση... Έχει βέβαια περισσότερα χρώματα αλλά η Κερασία λέει ότι αυτή είναι καλύτερη. Μπέρδεμα, δεν μπορώ να διαλέξω!

    @Natasa makeup-nails: κι εσύ, ε; Τώρα που το σκέφτομαι έχει και η Too Faced μια αντίστοιχη με επίσης τέλεια χρωματάκια (και συσκευασία!). Τώρα σας αποτελείωσα, ε; :D

    Ευχαριστώ πολύ για τα σχόλιά σας! Ακολουθώ κι εγώ τα μπλογκ σας!

  15. Looks great...there are so many ways to use this palette :)

  16. τέλειος συνδιασμός χρωμάτων..( και οι βλεφαρίδες? απλά super!!)

  17. @fairy_ana: thanks sweety! I'm glad you like it! :D

    @myStickland: ευχαριστώ πολύ! :D

  18. thanx for sharing, τα χρώματα της είναι το απολυτο χιτ της σεζόν!

  19. Eγω αγορασα την Flare και ειναι τελεια. Ειχα τους ενδοιασμους μου για την Dare, οτι δεν θα μπορω να την χρησιμοποιω τοσο συχνα, αλλα μετα το post σου νομιζω οτι θα της ριξω μια δευτερη ματια!! Και τα δυο look που εκανες ειναι τελεια!!! Πολυ καλο review! Φιλακια x

  20. Teeeleio review!!!
    Den kserw an tha thn agoraza,eimai 50/50..
    M'aresan poly ta look pou dhmiourghses!
    Poies blefarides xrhsimopoihses? Sou pane yperoxa!

  21. @stella: thanks! I'm glad you like it!! :D

    @Christina: ευχαριστώ καλή μου! Ναι, η Flare έχει τέλεια χρώματα, θέλω να την πάρω κι εγώ!!

    @Artemi: ευχαριστώ πολύ κουκλίτσα! Τις βλεφαρίδες τις είχα πάρει από hondos αλλά επειδή είναι πολύ έντονες τις έκοψα στη μέση και έβαλα το ένα κομμάτι μόνο.


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