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Hi beauties!
Some time ago Lara did a tag post and tagged all her readers to do it. I hope you find it fun and do it too! :D

ABC's of Me

Age: 24
Bed Size: 120x200 cm
Chore you hate: washing the dishes! I love the person who invented the dishwasher machine!
Dogs: none yet
Essential start of your day: breakfast
Favorite Color: purple
Gold or silver: silver
Height: not sure about 1,68cm
Instruments I play (or have played): none
Job Title: university student
Kids: none
Live: in the city of Athens
Mom's Name: Maria
Nickname: Natalie
Overnight hospital stays: when I was born, I guess
Pet Peeve: people who think they are too smart to wait in the queue
Quote from a movie: (first that comes in mind) "First we try, then we trust" from Entrapment
Right or left handed: right handed
Siblings: one sister, 19
Time you wake up: late
Underwear: from H&M
Vegetables you dislike: avocado
What makes you run late: blogs reading! lol!
X-rays you've had done: chest ones, I haven't broken anything, thank God!
Yummy food you make: pasta
Zoo animal: prairie dogs

And here's a tag from Cooking Chinchillas about perfumes. I love perfumes so I had to do it!

Expensive or cheap perfume?
Expensive because cheap ones don't last on me during the day.
Do you buy your perfumes yourself, or do you get Perfume gifts?
Do you still remember your first perfume? If yes, which one was it?
Yes, it was called Mytro and it was more like a body spray. My first expensive perfume was Burberry Brit, very sweet scent.
What is your current favorite perfume?
Taj sunset by Escada, my newest perfume.
Which perfume you don't like to smell?
I don't like very heavy scents.
The ideal Spring/Summer scent?
Flowery/fruity/sweet/a little sour/fresh.
The ideal Fall/Winter scent?
Wooden/sweet/a little spicy
Do you choose perfumes by yourself,or does anybody (spouse/partner) help you?
A walking cloud of perfume or a subtle scented person?
Subtle scented so that only people who are close to you can smell your perfume.
A fairy appears and she wants you to create a perfect scent,what would it be?
Impossible, I get bored easily! Maybe something with yasmine and ylang ylang, I love these scents.
Do you use all your perfumes regularly or do some bottles accumulate dust?
I seperate my perfumes in spring/summer and fall/winter and in day/night so in a year I'll use all of them.
Do you collect perfume samples?
I get them from magazines and stores but I usually forget them so I have 10-15 at the moment. Oh, wait! Does this mean the small perfume bottles that has the same shape with the original ones and are for collections? I don't buy these. They are very pretty but expensive.

Sweet Mariza gave me 3 awards!

That's so sweet of her!! Thanks doll! <3
I have to write 7 things about me which I've already done here and here.

I'll give these awards to the following blogs:
- http://beautywithartemi.blogspot.com/
- http://lovelyviolet5.blogspot.com/

And lovely Katie gave me the top 10 award

Thanks very much Katie for this award!

My top 10 cosmetics (at the moment) are
1. E.l.f. eyelid primer
2. Essence stay all day concealer
3. Essence gel eyeliner
4. Essence stays on and on and on mascara
5. Korres cherry lipgloss
6. Essence stay all day foundation
7. Oriflame very me lipstains
8. E.l.f. 100 eyeshadow palette
9. Oriflame colour attraction lipsticks
10. China Glaze nail polishes (I HAD to include nail polishes!)

I tag all of you, I'm really interested in knowing your top 10 cosmetics.
Take care, have fun dolls!


  1. great tag & thank you SO much for your awards!!! :D kisses sweetheart

  2. You' re welcome Natalie!
    PS: Washing the dishes? It's really horrible, I hate it too. Lolll!

  3. haha i hate avocado too! everyone says it's a miracle food but it is like melting,tasteless,buttery ...yuck :p
    i really enjoyed your answers :)

  4. Thanks girls! <3 and kisses!

    @Anastasia: haha, I totally agree!

  5. Aww thank you sweetie for tagging me!
    I'll sure do it during the week ;)


  6. than k you for sharing all of this with us :)

  7. Thank you for the awards :D
    Πολυ ενδιαφερουσες οι απαντησεις σου!


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