• Vichy Essentielles Facial Emulsion Normal to Combination Skin

Hey dolls! I hope you're all great! About a week ago I got some samples of Vichy Essentielles face cream for normal to combination skin so I thought I'd use them and tell you my opinion. Generally, I can't form an opinion based on one sample but I had about 4-5 which is a decent quantity, I believe. I used them for almost a week and here are my thought on it.

I used samples, 1,5ml of product each. The regular packaging is a white tube that contains 50ml of product.

Ingredients (from packaging):

Click the image to see it larger.

The actual product
The Vichy Essentielles products are supposed to be affordable skin care products for young people's skin. This face cream is for normal to combination skin and there is one for dry skin too. There are also a face wash(100ml) and a body lotion(200ml).

Colour: White

Smell/Taste: Flowery scent, it smells like roses.

Feeling: It's very lightweight as it claims. It moisturises the skin but it's not heavy or greasy at all. After using it, I didn't notice any difference with my pimples and spots, it doesn't dry them out or help them dissappear but it doesn't make them worse either. It doesn't claim to do anything good for acne and it doesn't do. It doesn't contain SPF but since it's so lightweighot that you can use sunscreen on top without feeling greasy. It doesn't contain parabens and it's hypoallergenic which is good, especially for sensitive skin.

Last but not least: Made in France(from packaging). According to this link and what I've read online, Vichy doesn't test on animals but it is owned by L'oreal which tests on animals. You can decide for yourself :)

Summary: 4/5
It does what it claims to do, nothing less, nothing more. It loses 1/5 because it's supposed to be for younger skin and I don't really know many young people that don't have even a couple pimples and spots. Anyway, it's a basic face cream.

Would I buy it again?
No. It's not cruelty free and the cream doesn't cover my needs.

Where can you find/buy it-Cost
-http://www.essentielles.com/ and choose your country
-Your local pharmacy
Since I didn't buy the actual product I can't tell you how much it costs. Searching in greek online stores I've found it for 7-8 euros.

Have you tried it? Do you like it? I always love to read your comments :)

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  1. Vichy essentielles face cream is for normal combination skin and there is one for dry skin too. There are also a face wash(100ml) and a body lotion(200ml). It is contains with rose polyphenol's vichy thermal spa water. Applied every day onto the skin, it hydrates it, protects it and reveals its glow. Thanks...

  2. Ενδιαφέρον θα την δοκιμάσω!!

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  4. Ενδιαφέρον review!!!
    H vichy ειναι της l'oreal, ε;
    Δεν το ήξερα!

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