• Oriflame Power Shine lipgloss in Soft Coral - Swatches and Review

Hi dolls! Hope you are all warm and cozy indoors because it's so cold outside!
Today I'll do a review of a new Oriflame lipgloss, the Power Shine lipgloss in Soft Coral.


Clear lipgloss tube that contains 5ml 0,1oz of product.
The applicator is something I've never seen before. It's plastic but it's very soft and bends easily. It applies the product pretty easily on bare lips or on top of lipstick.

Ingredients(from the website): hydrogenated polyisobutene, octyldodecanol, c10-30 cholesterol/lanosterol esters, hydrogenated castor oil,
polyethylene, butylene/ethylene/styrene copolymer, ethylene/propylene/styrene copolymer, synthetic fluorphlogopite, calcium aluminum borosilicate,
tocopheryl acetate, parfum, bht, tin oxide

The actual product
Colour: The lipgloss is a shimmery coral colour which will suit most, if not every, skin colour. It's very close to my lip colour so the colour doesn't really shows up on lips but as you can see in the hand swatch the pigmentation is fine.
Smell/taste: It smells like melon-peach, fruity but not sweet. It's a pleasant smell, fresh and natural, not a heavy one.
Feeling: It feels really light on lips, it's not at all chunky. It feels like a balm and doesn't dry out skin but it's not greasy or sticky at all.
Lasting power: It doesn't last long but it doesn't claim to do so. When the colour is gone, shimmers are left behind but you can't feel them so no problem.

Last but not least
Made in UK (from tube), not tested on animals (from Oriflame's website)


The colour here is a bit lighter than the actual colour

On lips
Outdoors, shadow, looks more pink than the real one

 Indoors, with flash to see the shimmers

Summary: 5/5
It does what it says, gives great shine and the applicator, although unique, is fine and does great job.

Where you can find/buy it - Cost
-Power Shine lipgloss in Soft Coral (Greek site). It's available in 5 colours.
-Oriflame product code:22633 (you can type the code in the site's search box and find it)
-From Oriflame consultants
I got it for free as the gift of an Oriflame Greece Facebook page giveaway. Right now it costs 5,95 € so it's not exspensive.

Do you have/like this lipgloss? I'd love to try another colour, maybe the Soft Pink. If you are more a lipstick person, there is also the Power Shine Lipstick for 5,90 €, available in 15 colours.


  1. I tried the Oriflame Oxygen boost sample you send me *;* amazing !!!!
    The gloss looks nice on your complexion.

  2. Thank you! Oh, I'm -in love- with your hand lotion! Seriously, it's amazing! I'm glad you liked it. If you like the facebook page, they have giveaways every week and you don't have to be an Oriflame consultant to win, you just need to be quick :)

  3. Φαίνεται καταπληκτικό!!
    Φυσικά και θα το δοκιμάσω!
    Το review σου τόσο αναλυτικό που δεν μου άφησε καμιά απορία!

  4. Ευχαριστώ καλή μου! Δες το σχόλιο που σου άφησα, πολύ γέλιο το χαρτοπετσετοshopping!

  5. Fainetai poly omorfo foremeno, an kai to xrwma me mperdepse ligo!

  6. i just found your blog - go girl!
    welcome to bloggers world :-D
    nice review and swatches :-)

  7. @Froso: Syggnwmh, oi fwto einai xalia! To xrwma einai korali, opws sthn prwth, ligo pio entono. Sta xeilh fainetai poly fysiko.

    @nail crazy: thank you sooo much!! :D


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