• First post - first swap!

Hello and welcome everybody!
I recently received my parcel from my first beauty products swap and I'm so happy about it! The swap was between me and the sweet girl from cookingchinchillas . Check out her blog, she blogs about makeup, nail art, DIY, cooking (along with mouthwatering photos!) and more.

Here's a photo of all the things she sent me

3 nail polishes
-Christian Dior No 986, which is an warm tome purple with shimmer
-Erre Due No 195, which is a cool tone purple with kind of metallic finish. I already have this on my nails, swatches to come
-Erre Due exclusive, I don't know the number because the tab is missing but the colour is a brick red

3 Essence products
-lipgloss from trend edition Fairytale in 01 Fairy Berry, a purple colour with multicolour glitter
-lipgloss from trend edition Fairytale in 03 Pixie Dust, which is nude/light pink with multicolour glitter
-Pure skin anti-spot thermo mask

-a DIY hand and nail lotion, which I cannot wait to use
-a very pretty summer necklace, I cannot wait to wear this! (summer is not far away!)

Thank you again sooo much for this swap girl, I love all the goodies you sent me!
Swatches and reviews to come...

P.S. I'm new to blogging so please excuse my not-at-all-professional photos. I'm also experimenting with the blog templates and tools so you'll see some changes in the future.


  1. Καλή αρχή!!!!
    Το template μου αρέσει!!
    Πάντως όσο πιο απλό είναι τόσο πιο ξεκούραστο είναι στο μάτι γενικά!!
    Καλή συνέχεια!!!

  2. Δεν ξέρω αν κατάφερα να γράψω σχόλιο την πρώτη φορά!!
    Δεν εμφανίστηκε..

    Να σου ευχηθώ καλή αρχή και Καλή συνέχεια!!

  3. Ευχαριστώ πάρα πολύ! Ωραία, χαίρομαι που σου αρέσει, χρειαζόμουν πολύ μια γνώμη :)

  4. <3 <3 <3

    You are bloggin like a pro my dear!Your template is the best!

    Wishing you happy blogging!!!!!!!


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