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There was a Beauty Festival in Athens this past weekend so I grabbed a couple goodies.

The fist thing I wanted to get was the famous highlighter The Balm Mary-Lou Manizer which was for once not sold out when I arrived so I happily added it in my basket! It's very pretty of course and I can't wait to try it on!

I've been searching for a highlighter brush for quite some time, I was thinking something like a big MAC 224 and, round and fluffy but I din't find a good quality and inexpensive one yet. On the Beauty Festival there was a brand named Venus, I had bought a Venus foundation brush in the past and loved it so I thought I'd give this fan brush a try. It's more dense than other fan brushes so I hope it'll work nicely with Mary-Loo.

Next stop at the W7 booth. I've never tried anything from W7 so I got this hd foundation to try. Considering the fact that W7 makes some really good dupes for expensive products, I really hope this is among these products.

After Golden Rose Matte Velvet Lipstick the new kid on the block is the Golden Rose Matte Lipstick Crayon which of course I was dying to try! I saw a booth that carried them so without further ado No.10 was mine. It's a dark dusty rose shade a.k.a. the shade I'm currently loving.

And last but not least, I found some Essence limited edition products at a discounted price so I got the translucent powder from Mountain Calling t.e. (available in the basic line as well) and a 10ml edt spray from Like a Nauti Girl t.e. to carry in my purse.

What do you think? Did you buy anything nice recently?


  1. I think you're going to love Mary Loumanizer. I use it every single day as a highlighter and even as a shadow. So cool about the discount Essence products too. Great score!

  2. Thanks so much Natalie! It's so so pretty, I'm happy I got it :D

  3. Fantastic review!!
    I'd love to follow each other - I follow you now on GFC, could you follow me back? <3

    Hugs & Kisses


  4. Thanks so much beauty beybi!


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