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I'm so sorry I haven't posted about all the lovely award you have given to me lately! I created a new page with every award a blogger gave to me so you can always find them under the Awards tab. Don't forget to pay a visit to the awesome blogs that awarded me :D

Maestra from the Parokeets gave me the Versatile Blogger award. Thanks so much! Parokeets is one of my favourite blogs, make sure to check it out!

Also Lila from Lila's beauty diary gave me this award. Go check out her blog too, it's super cute!

The rules:
Thank the person who nominated you, state 7 interesting facts about yourself, and nominate 15 of your favorite bloggers. :)

7 interesting facts about yourself
I have already shared dozen of silly little things about myself I think you are already bored! But I'll give it a try :)
  1. I'm one of these people who like a little mess around them. A perfectly clean and organized house makes me think that the owners are away on vacation! LOL!
  2. I have never dyed my hair any crazy colour but I'd love to try pink! Like total baby pink!
  3. I've been using contact lenses for almost 10 years. And I like them, I don't think I want to do laser surgery to fix my shortsightedness.
  4. I have a younger sister, she is a fashionista. I "shop" at her wardrobe and she "shops" at my vanity.
  5. I own a fondue set and I just love to make chocolate fondue in the winter!
  6. I have never tried sushi. No idea why, I guess it just didn't happen so far.
  7. I'm a big cat lover and I want to adopt 2 kittens asap! :D
15 versatile blogs
  1. Purrrpolish
  2. Nihrida
  3. Kerasia
  4. The Freak Muffin Loves Make up
  5. KlairedeLys
  6. Caramellitsa
  7. Leave me on the catwalk
  8. The Pretty House of Y
  9. FairyAna
  10. Purple Glitters
  11. Dyna's Random Blog
  12. House of Doll
  13. Every Beauty Addict's Bible
  14. Taya
  15. My burlesque
Sorry if you have already received this award, I love your blogs!

Lila from Lila's beauty diary gave me this award too! Thanks a tons honey!
And Claire from Notebook of Claire honoured me with this award. Thank you!!! She has a very pretty blog, pay her a visit!

Sweet Elli from Caramellitsa gave me this award.
This is a special award, I have to pick up 5 favourite songs and give the award to 10 blogs. Such a fun award, thank you sweety!

My 5 favourite songs at the moment

10 blogs I nominate
  1. Ivana Thinks Pink
  2. Drugstore and bargain lover
  3. Cel's kawaii blog
  4. FashionSugarBubbles
  5. lady-pa
  6. Lipstick wardrobe
  7. les jolies
  8. lousousou
  9. MadeInHeart
  10. Miss Dudette

Mateja from Purple Glitters gave me this award! She is a lovely blogger and a very sweet person, make sure to visit her blog :D

So, I have to answer the following questions:

1. Favorite song:
Lana Del Rey Blue Jeans

2. Favorite Dessert:
T.G.I. Friday's Death by Chocolate. Which is 3 chocolate brownies with caramel and chocolate syrup and vanilla ice cream. Absolutely lethal.

3. What drives you insane:
Rude people. We all have problems but nobody has to be rude with no reason.

4. When I'm mad ...
..you'd better keep a distance LOL! Seriously, when I'm mad I need time and space to calm down and think clear.

5. Favorite pet:

6. Black or White?

7. Biggest Fear:
Losing my beloved ones.

8. My daily attitude:
Positively thinking.

9. What's perfect:
Summer nap in a beach house.

10. Guilt?
Too much make up and nail polishes.

God, isn't it the yummiest award ever?? Thanks Depy from Cute and girly DMS. Love u girl!!

Ok, this post is getting bigger than I thought so I'll stop here and share the rest in another post.
Thanks again so much! Love you!!


  1. Ohh congrats for all those awards and thanks for nominating me! :')
    And yaaay! Try baby pink hair, I had vibrant pink years ago and I miss it so much.. it's perfect! ^^

  2. πω πω πω βραβειαα!! παντα τετοιαααα να εισαι καλα κουκλα μου!

  3. Πόσα τέλεια πράγματα έμαθα για σένα κούκλα! Τα τραγούδια που έβαλες μου αρέσουν και μένα πολύ! Ευχαριστώ για το award! :D <3

    p.s. Chocolate fondue ftw!

  4. @Marie: you're welcome doll!

    @HariRari: really? Aww, you rock girl!!

    @caramellitsa: καθυστέρησα να τα γράψω και μαζεύτηκαν, sorry *blushes*

    @Ria: Τέλεια! :D Το χειμώνα να κανονίσουμε fondue&beauty-girls-only party! Wouldn't it be awesome??

  5. Thanks for the award doll :D xxx

  6. @Lara: you're welcome hun! <3

  7. s euxaristw wwww poli ! <3

    thanks for visiting my blog!


  8. Thank you so much for the award darling!!!
    Mwah xx xx

  9. @FashionSugarBubbles: την αγάπη μου :)

    @Evi: many kisses doll!

    @fairy_ana: you're welcome hun :)

  10. love the songs :D
    Check my blog http://iwnsokolata.blogspot.gr/


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