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Hi dolls!
I have a new face cream to show you today. I've been more interested in my skin care lately. Yeah, I finally realised that make up looks so much better on a good skin. So I had my first facial, it hurt a little removing all those blackheads but my face was clear afterwards. I also got a small and cheap electric face brush to use everyday with my face wash. If I like it and does any good I may invest into something more pricey in the future.

So, I was super happy to be invited in the presentation of the new Vichy face cream! The cream I'm talking about and the one I've been using lately is Vichy Idealia which is a new and very promising product. I had the chance to speak with a few guys from Vichy and they were so excited about this product! Idealia is the result of 5 years of worldwide researches and promises every girl her ideal skin.
Vichy is currently changing the look of its products to a more minimal and modern look. Idealia's packaging is the first example. What do you think? A simple and fresh look, I like it!

~ About the product

As I told you before, Vichy did a big worldwide research in order to find out what women consider the ideal skin. 385 women of all races, skin colours and types between the ages of 20 and 60 took part in the researches. According to them the ideal skin is smooth and even, without pores, redness and spots. We all agree, don't we? I was happy to find out that a big brand like Vichy was able to listen and understand our true needs. It's not all about acne and wrinkles, there are so many women that have neither of them and still don't have a good skin. It's these imperfections like pores, redness, spots, uneven skin that we want to get rid off!
Idealia's "magic ingredient" is Kombucha which is an Asian tea extract. I had never heard of it but I asked my crazy-for-healthy-super-foods parents and they knew it!! As Vichy lab guys explained to me, Kombucha is a "health bomb" and contains vitamins, probiotics and polyphenols. I even had the chance to drink Kombucha ice tea and it was really nice.

~ Packaging/Application

It comes in a light pink jar that contains 50ml of product. I like that the shape of the jar matches the silver V of Vichy's logo (I'm weird, I know! ^-^) Now, a jar is not the most hygienic packaging for creams but sometimes they look so luxurious and chic that I love having them on my vanity :D

~ Ingredients (from packaging)

~ Colour
A lovely light pink colour.

~ Feeling

I had to share with you this photo! I love the first time I open a jar! lol! What you see here is what you get! A gel-like, super soft consistency, easy to apply and be absorbed. I hydrates the skin without leaving oiliness behind. I believe the consistency is the big plus with this cream, I suggest you ask for a sample or try it when you see a Vichy counter.

Oooh, the smell! Divine! I seriously love it! It's a mix of kombucha and white flowers.

It's a lightweight, easily absorbed, non-oily face cream. It contains no spf which is not so good but at least you can use it as a day and night cream. My skin is a little better after using it for a couple weeks, I'll continue to use it and tell you my opinion after I finish the whole jar. It contains no parabens (see the ingredients list above), it contains Vichy's Thermal Spa Water, it's hypoallergenic and suitable for sensitive skin.

Where to find it/Cost
There are two variations of Idealia, the one I showed you that is for normal to combination skin and another one for dry skin.
In Greece, it's already available and costs €27.

Disclaimer: Ogilvy and Vichy invited me to the presentation of Idealia. (Thank you Kelly!) Idealia was given to me in that event as a free sample to try and review. I'm not getting paid to write this post, this is my honest opinion.


  1. Μου αρεσε και μενα αυτη η κρεμα.
    Δεν ειναι λιπαρη, απορροφαται ωραια και μυριζει τελεια!

  2. Εμενα κοριτσια αυτη ειναι η αγαπημενη μου πλεον!!! Αν και δεν ξερω αν την προτιμω περισσότερο από τη aqualia...θα δω σε κανα μηνα

  3. μολις σημερα απεκτησα δειγματακι και ανυπομονω να την δοκιμασω μετα απο οσα εγραψες!!

  4. @Miss Starshiny: συμφωνώ :) Πολλά φιλιά κουκλίτσα!

    @Κερασία: Από ότι μου είπαν τα παιδιά στη Vichy, η Idealia είναι ένα βήμα πιο πάνω από την Aqualia που είναι απλή ενυδατική.

    @mariachr: να το δοκιμάσεις, αλήθεια η υφή και η μυρωδιά της είναι υπέροχα!

  5. θέλω να τη δοκιμάσω γιατί έχω ακούσει πολύ καλά σχόλια, ευχαριστούμε για την όμορφη παρουσίαση

  6. μου κίνησες την περιέργεια, θα την ψάξω να τη δοκιμάσω

  7. @smugnificent: ευχαριστώ πολύ για τα καλά σου λόγια! <3

    @Ελένη Κερσένογλου missticklemepink.blogspot: με εντυπωσίασε η υφή και το άρωμα! Ειδικά η υφή είναι ό,τι πιο κοντινό σε σέρουμ έχω δοκιμάσει και ξέρεις πόσο τρελαίνομαι για την υφή των σέρουμς!

  8. θα ήθελα πολύ να την δοκιμάσω αν και ίσως μόλις χειμωνιάσει πάλι. Τώρα το καλοκαίρι υποχρεωτικά πρέπει να φοράω κρέμα με υψηλό SPF...Πολύ όμορφη η παρουσίασή σου!! xx Menia

  9. @glittermeup: σου αρέσει και σένα; Δεν είναι τέλειο το νέο "λουκ"; :D

    @Menia: σίγουρα! Προς το παρόν τη βάζω και από πάνω βάζω τη ΒΒ αλλά σε λίγο καιρό θα πρέπει να βάζουμε αντηλιακό οπωσδήποτε!

  10. It looks nice, I have never tried any Vichy product. Hopefully I will try something soon!

  11. αν ειχε και αντιηλιακη προστασια θα την αγοραζα σιγουρα.Πολυ ομορφη η παρουσιαση σου.Η κρεμα φαινεται ιδανικη για την ιδανικη επιδερμιδα.:)

  12. @fairy_ana: I've been loving it, search for a tester to try it!

    @Rafalena: κι εμένα με χαλάει λίγο που δεν έχει spf αλλά με τέτοια υφή χαλάλι της! Ευχαριστώ πολύ κουκλίτσα! :)

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    good work!
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