• Spiral Fun! (Garnier UltraLift)

Good morning lovelies!!
I have a new product to introduce to you today, Garnier UltraLift which is a 2-in-1 product, a serum and a moisturiser. You know I love 2-in-1 products, they save me time! So when I received the Garnier box I was really excited to try this new product. Here's what was in the brown box:

Garnier UltraLift, a cute booklet and a cd with more info about the product. All beautifully wrapped in matching red paper and a bow :)

In the cd there was a cool video with the making of the TV ad. It's super fun!!

This is the first time I'm uploading a video, hope it works ^-^


Super pretty spiral design!!

It comes in a 50ml bottle with a pump. I really like pumps, it's the most hygienic because the air/your hands/bacteria won't reach the cream that's still in the bottle and make it go bad sooner. Plus, it doesn't ruin this beautiful spiral of the 2 products. Yep, what you see here are the two products, the moisturiser and the serum. I believe the moisturiser is the white one and the serum is the clear one, the two or them combine together and reach the pump. Isn't is so pretty and very gadget-y looking?

Ingredients (from packaging)

No parabens here! Good job!


There is a smell and it's not the usual Garnier one which I like. This smell is heavier and I really don't like it. It was a problem for me while using the product, I wish it was lighter or the usual Garnier smell or no smell at all! My mum is ok with the smell though, she generally prefers heavier scents.


As you can see, when applied the two products are completely mixed together. It feels like a lightweight cream. I doesn't make my face look oily after application or during the day which is good. But I didn't feel that deeply moisturising feeling I expected. Since it is meant to be used by women 35-60 years old, I believe it could be more moisturising. It doesn't have the same feeling as when using a serum and a cream individually.
Of course I also asked my mum about her opinion. She said she likes that it's a 2-in-1 product and saves her time, she likes that it's easily absorbed by the skin but she wishes her skin had more elasticity after using it.
All in all, I believe that if your skin is oily you'll like it but if it's dry it won't cover your needs.

Where can you find it - Cost

Garnier UltraLift is already available in beauty stores.
In Greece, it costs € 15.99.

So tell me, what do you think? Have you tried this product? Do you like 2-in-1 products?

Disclaimer: Product was sent to me for free by L'Oréal Hellas PR to try and review. I'm not getting paid to use the product or write this post. This is my honest opinion.


  1. I've always loved spiral creams, they look super cool :D It looks great, it's also so nice, that the Granier team gives oportunites to test theyr products and from I can see from blogs, they think of theyr customers, witch is great : )

  2. Δεν το εχω δοκιμασει, παντως ειναι αρκετα οικονομικο.
    Miss Starshiny

  3. @Sunny.Smile: the design is super cool indeed! Thanks so much for visiting doll! <3<3

    @Miss Starshiny: ναι, για κρέμα+σέρουμ είναι καλή η τιμή του! Πολλά φιλιάαα!

  4. Πολυ καλο ποστ/review.
    Εχω την μαμα να το δοκιμαζει!
    Εγω που το δοκιμασα μια φορα δεν μπορω να πω κ πολλα.
    Μ'αρεσε η υφη κ η μυρωδια του ομως :)

  5. Great review!
    Cannot wait to try it out!

    Σε προσκαλώ να ρίξεις μια ματιά και στο δικό μου blog:

  6. @Artemi: δε μου άρεσε καθόλου η μυρωδιά, δεν ξέρω γιατί :-/

    @The Scent of Glamour: thanks for stopping by! Will do :)

  7. ωραια συσκευασια,ενδιαφερον προιον.
    πολυ καλο το review :)

  8. πολυ ωραιο review κουκλα μου!πρεπει κ γω να δημοσιευσω το δικο μου κ μενα πιο πολυ απο ολα η συσκευασια μου αρεσε !!

    κ καλη τιμη :)


  9. ουαου..φιλεναδα η δική μου εμπειρία ειναι διαφορετική!! Στο ζήτημα της ελαστικότητας διαφωνω με την αγαπημένη Ναταλομανούλα...αλλα στο θέμα της ενυδατωσης συμφωνω απολυτως μαζι σου...ερχεται και η δικη μου αναρτηση συντομα!! μουατς

  10. Xmmm fainetai endiaferon proion. Eimai 19 kai exw liparo derma. tha mou to systines? :)
    xx R.

  11. @Rafalena: ευχαριστώ πολύ!!

    @caramellitsa: ευχαριστώ καλή μου! Πολλά φιλάκιααα!

    @Κερασία: μου αρέσει να υπάρχουν διαφορετικές κριτικές και να ακούγονται όλες οι απόψεις, ανυπομονώ να διαβάσω και τη δικιά σου! :D Βρε, η μαμά μου είναι μεγαλύτερη, εσύ σιγά μην έχεις θέμα ελαστικότητας! Μαααατς!

    @Rafaella: ευχαριστώ πολύ! Μάλλον όχι, είναι για ηλικίες 35-60 χρονών. Πολλά φιλάκια!

  12. Πολύ ωραίο και ενημερωτικό το review σου! Σε προσκαλώ και στο δικό μου blog να ρίξεις μια ματιά και να παραλάβεις και ενα βραβειάκι που είναι έτοιμο!

  13. @Beauty wonderland: Σ'ευχαριστώ πολύ και για τα καλά σου λόγια και για το βραβειάκι! Πολλά φιλιά!


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