• What's in my travel make up bag?

Happy Sunday dolls!
During Easter holidays I visited my parents for 4 days and I thought I'd share with you the products I had with, my currently daily essentials. I was away for only 4 days so I didn't want to carry tons of products. I didn't include my skin care products or my toothbrush and things like that because I have back-ups at my parents house ;) Yeah, I love traveling light but I rarely manage to! lol!

Here's the beauty bag I carried in my suitcase. It's a lavender one from Oriflame. It's very spacious and has a front pocket where I stuffed a couple testers, just in case I needed them.

For my nails I took my new Essence 4-in-1 nail file and my cuticle cutter (don't worry, I'm not a cuticle maniac, this was another just-in-case). I put the cuticle cutter in an organza sacket so it wouldn't touch/scratch my other items. I also got China Glaze First & Last which is a base and top coat and my currently fav nail polish Essie Navigate Her.

Ria asked me about China Glaze First & Last. I'm afraid this is just a First because it's horrible as a top coat. It's not speed-dry and it doesn't make my polish hard which means that I managed to ruin my mani an hour after I've finished it. It was completely dry but not on the inside, if it makes any sense, I want to be able to literally sit on my nails after an hour without ruining my mani! So this is a base coat only.

For my foundation routine, I got my Garnier BB cream (still loving it!) and an Essence pure mineral make up which is actually half mineral make up and half translucent powder (added by me) and this makes it a good matte powder that also gives some coverage without being heavy. I got my new BornPrettyStore Retractable Powder Brush to use with the powder. Really happy with it btw, it's super soft, applies powder great and doesn't lose hairs or smells weird or anything. For blush I got my Essence mineral powder blush in 01 Almost Famous which I'm trying to use up with my Essence blush brush, my Essence Stay all day 16h concealer in 02 Soft Beige and my Balea lip balm which is super yummy and was a gift from Sunny!

For make up I decided to go for soft eyes-bright lips. So for my eyes I got Essence Crystaliced liquid eyeshadow in 04 Ice Age Reloaded (1) which is very close to my skin colour while brightening up my eyes, Essence liquid eyeliner in black (3) and 2 mascaras, Flormar Dynamic Volume Mascara in black (2) for night time and Oriflame Power Curl mascara in brown (6) for daytime. For my lips I got my new Essence lipliner in 09 Nude Coral (8) because with bright lips I like to use lipliner and 3 lipsticks. Bourjois Docteur Glamour Cosmic lipstick in 23 Orange Charnel (4) ,which I also try to use up, for a softer result, Artdeco lipstick in 16 (7) which is a pastel orange lipstick and Lovie lipstick in 47 (5) which is a reddish coral.

I wanted to take my Naked palette too but it was only for 4 days so I figured I wouldn't use it that much.

So tell me, what's in your travel make up bag? If you're away for a weekend what are your must-have products? The weather is getting warmer and since most of us can't afford long vacations, a weekend away from the city sounds just amazing!


  1. That retractable brush looks lovely!
    I need to find one for my travel make up bag too :-)
    I have recently tried Essence make up because they dont sell them in UK...
    I think I will try the Mineral Make Up next time.
    Thanks for sharing xx

    *Giada Beauty*

  2. Thanks for telling me more about the ChG ma belle! For me, what I'll have in my bag, depends on where I'll be going and what I'll be doing. And what I haven't lost. Because I lose things.
    Filakia! <3

  3. Lovely :) I usually take as much as you! Maybe a bit more lipsticks, a bit less face-stuff.

  4. love the things you have in your make up bag! i sooo want to try essence products!!! xx

  5. It's alway so hard leave products home when you have to travel.i guess i should learn to be smarter on this and take with me the most needed.

    From Paris with Love!

  6. I think you did a good job at packing light! Only one eyeshadow? Kudos to you!!! On the lipstick department- I feel you girl, we can never have enough options for lips, can we?

  7. @Giada Beauty: this retractable brush is very soft and doesn't lose hair or dye. It's pretty affordable too ;)

    @Ria: haha! I have recently lost a jacket, and a couple single socks, maybe they are all together somewhere??

    @PrincesaGr: hi doll! You don't need them, you have the perfect skin! <3

  8. @fashion written with a lipstick: I really like them, good quality and the best prices! :)

    @Kristina: aww, it's so difficult! And you always need the ones you left home and forget to use the one you took with you! lol!

    @Evi: soooo true! Many kisses girl!

    @glittermeup: thanks love! :D

  9. Φοβερη οργανωση,να 'μουν κι εγω ετσι..

    From Paris with love!

  10. ειναι μεγαλη ιστορια να πακεταρεις τα καλλυντικα σου για ταξιδακι...
    μια χαρα κρατηθηκες ομως χιχι!! το essie σου το αγαπωωω!!
    απογοητευτηκα λιγο με το china glaze..
    τελος παντω...χμ..να σου πω οταν ταξιδευω εχω μαζι μου τη bb γιατι βαριεμαι να παιρνω πολλα πολλα κ με εχει βολεψει παρα πολυ μια μασκαρα lip balm ενα μολυβακι ενα κραγιον κ ρουζ..αναλογα την εποχη βεβαια π.χ το καλοκαιρι δε βαζω μεικ απ κ τετοια το δερμα μου μαρεσει τοσο πολυ μαυρισμενο που δε θελω τιποτα πανω!

    καλη Πρωτομαγια κουκλα!!

  11. το BornPrettyStore Retractable Powder Brush είναι σούπερ!καλά για την BB Cream δεν το συζητώ κάν έχω τρελλή εξάρτηση μαζί τηs κάθε μέρα σχεδόν!
    πάντωs βλέπω οργάνωση και χαίρομαι :D

  12. Είμαι κι εγώ φαν της οργάνωσης! Εγώ έχω τρία διαφορετικά νεσεσέρ. Ένα μικρό, ένα λίγο μεγαλύτερο και ένα μεγάααλο. :)

  13. @les jolies: μπα, μη νομίζεις. Απλά δε μου αρέσει να κουβαλάω πολλά :)

    @caramellitsa: εγώ πάντα θέλω να παίρνω τα άπειρα αλλά δεν αντέχω να κουβαλάω οπότε συμβιβάζομαι με μια μέση λύση χιχι! Η bb είναι όντως πολύ βολική, γενικά τα 2-σε-1 προϊόντα. Πολλά πολλά φιλιά!

    @siabeautyandmakeup: ναι, με βόλεψε πολύ! χεχε

    @Marie: τέλειο! Και ανάλογα πού θα πας και για πόσες μέρες παίρνεις και άλλο, ε; Καλή ιδέα!


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