• What's in my bag?

Sweet Christina tagged me to show you my everyday bag and everything I carry in it. I find it interesting to see what people carry with them everyday, you might think comm'on, everyone carries the same things but it's not so true. If I intrigued you a little and want to know what's in my bag then scroll down :)

This is my everyday bag at the moment. It's an old one from H&M and I like it because it's big enough to fit an A4 size notebook in it and because it's purple!

And here is everything that can fit in it

* a notebook for University. I prefer the A4 size, hardcover ones.
* notes for work, under the notebook.
* a pen
* my wallet. It's from Stradivarius, it's taupe and floral on the inside, I love it!
* this personal set thing where I put all my IDs, student IDs and stuff.
* house keys with 2 key holders, a half heart and a half best-friends one :)
* my mobile phone, Sony Ericsson Elm. Has everything I need and it's environmental friendly.
* my hands-free because I like listening to music while in buses, trains etc
* umbrella in case it rains.
* my RayBan Jackie Ohh sunglasses and their case
* a scarf and a pair of gloves because it's really cold these days
* my small pink diary with kittens and puppies
* a small bottle of water and a snack
* my vitamins because I usually forget to take them in the morning
* random lip stuff. I'm loving dark lips lately
* my emergency/make up bag. You can see everything that's in it in the next pic

If I had a car I'd probably carry a suitcase but since I literally have to carry them, I can't carry more weight than that. Many days I don't even carry all these things.
Wanna know what's inside this black Hello Kitty bag? Let's see...

* girl things on the top left corner
* Essence stick and Compeed patches, very useful when I'm outside and my new shoes are killing me
* Essence eyeshadow palette for when I want to go out right after work/Uni
* Oriflame mascara and lipgloss for the same reason
* H&M tiny lipglosses because they are just so cute
* my pink Travalo!
* Oriflame travel toothbrush in case I sleep over to a friend's house
* tissues and wet tissues, I can't live without them
* bobby pins and hair elastics, very useful!
* samples. I usually throw samples in this bag in case I need them. Right now I have a hand cream, a toothpaste and some face cream ones.

This emergency/makeup bag was my best friend's idea and I can tell that it's really handy. When I want to change bags, I have all these little things gathered together. And all girl stuff in one place to avoid getting embarrassed.

In case you haven't done this post I tag you!! I'd love to know what's inside your bag!


  1. Excellent! The post and your english as well! Kisses! ;)

  2. Love this Natalie! I did mine a few months ago when I started work and I like it when there are people who carry similar stuff as me as I can justify myself that I am not the only one :P

  3. αχ τι μου θύμισες... όταν ήμουν φοιτήτρια γύρναγα όλη μέρα από εδώ και από εκεί και κουβαλούσα μαζί το μισό σπίτι.
    υπέροχα όλα!

  4. wow, you have many things in your bag! I like this tag, so probably I'll do it too! :)

  5. Kai mena to idio mou thimises kai egw otan pigena sto sxolio kai kouvalousa tosa pragmata , thimame o omos mou me ponouse meta apo to varos !!! xo

  6. Kala milame ta goustarw poly auta ta post...Mia xara se vriskw!!! Ax thelw k gw na tin kanw tin anartisi!!!

  7. Καλά κορίτσι και εσύ ουκ ολίγα κουβαλάς!!!!!Αφού πολλές φορές αναγκάζομαι να βγάλω πράγματα από μέσα, γιατί δεν μπορώ να βρώ αυτό που θέλω.........και έχεις και τους άντρες, τι τα θες όλα αυτά?????

  8. εεετσι!!!!! δεν είμαι μονο εγω που κουβαλάει βαλιτσάκι :P ετσί μου είχαν μπει όταn έκανα το αντιστοιχο ποστ....

    σε καταλαβαίνω απόλυτα! κ γω κουβαλάω ενα καρο πραγματα παντα μαζί μου...

  9. @Christina: thanks!! <3

    @Lara: definitely! lol!

    @Ελένη: ναι, ειδικά τις μέρες που έχω σχολή και μετά δουλειά νιώθω σα χελώνα, πρέπει να κουβαλάω ένα σπίτι μαζί μου! χαχαχα!

    @HariRari: I try to leave some of these but they are all useful. I'd love to see what's in your bag! :D

    @glittermeup: κι εμένα με πονάει που και που οπότε προσπαθώ να παίρνω λίγα πράγματα. Το θέμα είναι ότι τη μέρα που δε θα πάρω ομπρέλα θα βρέξει κλπ, καταλαβαίνεις!!

  10. @fairy_ana: thanks doll! It's an old one but one of my favourites! :D

    @Κερασία: να την κάνεις βέβαια! Ταξίδι στα άδυτα της τσάντας! χαχαχα!

    @Natasa: χαχα! Καλά, το αστείο είναι που αυτοί έρχονται χαλαροί και σου λένε μου βάζεις την ομπρέλα στην τσάντα σου, μου βάζεις το κασκόλ... Και μετά, μα καλά, πέτρες κουβαλάς και είναι τόσο βαριά; χαχαχα!

    @CuteandGirlyDMS: χαχα, αν μπορούσα θα κρατούσα βαλιτσάκι, να μην κουβαλάω κιόλας!

  11. i always love to sneak a peak in someone's bag ;-D

  12. Hey!thanks for your follow,we followed as well!It was really nice meeting you!

  13. This is one of my fave tags. And one I'll never dare to do, since noone knows what's in my bag. And I'm scared to find out. I have tons of cosmetics and lab stuff though...And I'm pretty sure there was an umbrella in there as well, but I guess it got lost. Ummm. Yes, I think I should stop saying random things as well...
    Filoumpes stis magouloumpes!

  14. @nail crazy: hehe, me too!

    @S4Sisters: thanks dolls! <3

    @Ria: you know what, I believe you! lol!! I always throw random things in my bag but I clean up every now and then because of the weight. Maaats!


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