• Ice, ice baby!

This month it's all about ice queens and cool toned limited editions. I like cool tones, I adore purple and light pink so here's a little haul from two companies' limited editions.

Firstly, there's MAC's limited edition Daphe Guinness for MAC
From the website: A first glimpse into the winter colour palette imagined and created by Daphne Guinness. An artist and collector of haute couture, Daphne is her art...this collaboration with M∙A∙C is, "a window into my imagination."

The mint lipgloss is so crazy! And look at the eyeshadow palette, gorgeous! Luckily, the only thing I really really wanted from this collection was a blush ombre! Here are the two colours available

L to R: Azalea Blossom, Vintage Grape

my photo of Azalea Blossom

Vintage Grape is more warm toned in real life, so I chose Azalea Blossom. It's a nice light pink to light violet shade. It's also larger than the regular MAC blushes, 9gr to 6gr for the regular ones. The only bad thing was that the price was equally larger. I have wanted an ombre blush since the first time I saw them (an older MAC collection) but the price is something I'm not gonna pay again any time soon.

Secondly, there's Essence's limited edition Crystaliced


 lipgloss in 01 it’s a snow-woman’s world, 02 diamond dust and 03 ice crystals on my window

nail polishes in 01 it’s a snow-woman’s world, 02 ice crystals on my window, 03 iced age reloaded, 04 ice eyes baby and 05 frosted champaign

 glitter froster in 01 frosted champaign and 02 diamond dust

liquid eyeshadow in 01 it’s a snow-woman’s world, 02 ice eyes baby, 03 ice crystals on my window and 04 iced age reloaded

nail sticker in 01 frozen playground, liquid highlighter, snow flake mascara topper

I believe the most "grab it and run" item in this collection is the liquid lighlighter. Which explains why it was sold out. I'm not very sad because I don't highlight that much. Not that I won't buy it if I find it of course! :D

What did I get?

Outdoors photos but no sunlight :(
* liquid eyeshadow in 04 ice age reloaded (cool name, I love the Ice Age movie!! Do you?): it's a pretty shimmery beige. I tried it yesterday, I used lots of product and it didn't crease for 2-3 hours, I had to remove it then to go to bed. I may go back and buy another colour because this one is very close to my skin colour.
* lipgloss in 01 it's a snow woman's world: a nudish purple with pretty purple shimmer. A little sticky.
* nail polish in 01 it's a snow woman's world: the colour disappointed me. A basic grey purple, no purple shimmer here :(

What do you think? Do you like these frosty colours or do you prefer the warmer ones?


  1. It depends on my mood on whether I am a frosty or warm colour fan... The Vintage Grape looks good and so do the nail polishes, so I might pay a visit to MAC soon, and can't wait to see the Azalea Blossom on you!

  2. Oh do make a post with swatches of the Essence goodies you got! Pretty please? xx

  3. I usually prefer warmer colours /exept silver and white, i love using them/ ^ ^

  4. πω πω τα βλέπω και θα ήθελα να τα έχω όλα!!!!!!

  5. @Ria: thanks love!! Many kisses!

    @glittermeup: thanks doll! xo

    @cbsg5861: sure! First thing in the morning!

    @Sunny.Smile: these colours look amazing on you!

    @CuteandGirlyDMS: κι εγώ!! Και το φυστικί λιπγκλος! Κι ας το βάλω 2 φορές μόνο!

  6. Would love to swatches of everything lol :)

  7. Φαίνονται πολύ ωραία όλα!! Σήμερα θα περάσω μια βόλτα από Hondos Center και θα ρίξω μια ματιά την νέα σειρά της Essence :)

  8. Oww, thank you ^ ^
    The swatches looks great, the eyeshadow looks perfect for natural looks ^ ^

  9. The new Essence trend collection is just fabulous!!! I love the whole frost theme!

  10. Θα σκάσω! Το στάντ με τα Essence στο Hondos στην Αριστοτέλους είναι μονίμως με ελλείψεις, γρρρ. Έστειλα μέιλ στην εταιρεία που τα εισάγει και ευτυχώς μου έστειλαν λίστα με άλλα σημεία πώλησης και το λινκ από το e-shop τους.
    Πολύ ωραία αυτή η σειρά, τα θέλω όλα!

  11. Ι want it all, and I want it now! που ελεγε και το παλιο ασμα! Χιχιχχιχι!

  12. @Lara: I couldn't get a decent swatch of the blush, where is the sun??

    @Claire D. T: ευχαριστώ πολύ! :)

    @Sunny.Smile: thanks sweety! <3

    @Cel: yes, it's a cool theme! And I love the pretty packaging!

    @Ελένη Κερσένογλου: και πολύ καλά έκανες! Αν δε μιλήσουμε θα μας πασάρουν συνέχεια τις μάρκες που θέλουν αυτοί!

    @Christina: χιχιχι! Είναι ωραία όντως, κι εγώ έλεγα ότι θα έπαιρνα μόνο τη σκιά αλλά δεν μπορούσα να τα αφήσω τα άλλα!

  13. All the product look lovely, I don't know which Essence products I will grab when I see them. But I'm sure I will find something that I really need lol!

  14. gia ta essence den exo idea. den ta exo dei pote sti zoi mou edo sto uk. alla gia daphne guinnes sillogi: den ksero more ena kragionaki ama exeis skouro, nomizo oti to petixaineis to look tis. deikse mas ena swatch tou rouz. :)

  15. Ένα πράγμα μπορώ να πω μόνο. Τέλεια!!!

  16. @fairy_ana: I feel the same every time I go Essence shopping! They are all pretty, I can't choose! :D

    @λειντι ντι: δεν είναι pigmented δυστυχώς :( :(

    @NRG: :D


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