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Hi dolls!
It's really cold in Athens now, it's almost snowing. And as much as it seems that winter will never end, spring is not that far away :D And seeing all the new nail polish collections I couldn't help but falling in love with some of them.
Let me show you my favourite new collections so far and which ones are in my wishlist. I know I have too many nail polishes to buy more but I can still have a wishlist, right? ;)

Let's begin with Dior's spring collection, Garden Party

It includes two nail polishes inspired by flowers. No, not only the colours but also the smell, these are scented polishes. The purple one is forget-me-not and the green one is waterlily. Here are some swatches I found online

And now the surprising part, the one in my wishlist is waterlily! Yes, I'm a purple lover but I already have many purple polishes. And look at this green/mint beauty!! Oooh, it's so pretty! If only it was more pocket-friendly..

Moving on, here's Essie's new collection, Navigate her

L to R: Navigate Her, A Crewed Interest, To Buy Or Not To Buy, Tour De Finance, Olé Caliente, Orange, It's Obvious.
And the pretty swatches from ThePolishAholic

click to see the beauty
Which ones are in my wl? Obviously Navigate Her(the green one). I also like the orange one(Orange, It's Obvious) very much. But Braziliant from last summer collection is already in my wl and I have no idea which one to choose! What do you think? I definitely need a shimmery orange in my life this spring!

Then we have China Glaze with Electropop collection

Brights (L to R): Techno, Aquadelic, Sunshine Pop, Gaga For Green, Make Some Noise, Wicked Style
Lights (L to R): , Dance Baby, Electric Beat, Kinetic Candy, Sweet Hook, Gothic Lolita
And the swatches from ThePolishAholic

I like Gaga For Green, but I'd like it more if it had a bit shimmer in it. Gothic Lolita is adorable and Electric Beat is a lovely shade! What I generally believe about this collection is that it has enough colours not only for spring but for summer too.

And a couple more collections that I'm not really impressed by but some of you may like them

Zoya True collection

L to R: Cho, Farah, Bevin, Skylar, Tru, Lotus

Zoya had an Ah-mazing winter collection and this one looks like a sequel of it. Skylar looks very pretty but I think that the whole collection is too shy for spring.

And OPI Holland collection

Top L to R: Red Lights Ahead…Where?, A Roll in The Hague, Vampsterdam, Thanks a WindMillion, Did you 'ear About Van Gogh?, Kiss Me on My Tulips
Bottom L to R: Dutch 'Ya Just Love OPI?, I Don't Give a Rotterdam!, I Have Herring Problem, Pedal Faster Suzi!, Wooden Shoe Like to Know?, Gouda Gouda Two Shoes

We have a little bit of everything here, from neon orange to shimmery deep plum which is why I'm not very impressed. For me it's difficult to see a concept behind this collection. Some shades are very pretty but I can't choose which ones, all those different colours/finishes confuse me.

So, let's talk polish! Do you have any new shades in your wishlist? Have you found a whole collection that you absolutely love? Any shades that are missing from your nail polish collection? As I told you I want a shimmery green and a shimmery orange, any recommendations?

Stay warm lovelies!

P.S. Oh, don't forget!! Today is the last day to use the Sigma code on top of this page for 10% off! Happy shopping!


  1. Ahh, nail polishes! These colours look nice, the Dior ones are my favourite- if only they weren't that expensive :(

  2. These look nice, I already have Opi's Gouda Gouda Two Shoes on my WL and now also the first one from Essie. Spring collections are always so pretty :)

  3. I can see that soft baby blue color becoming HUGE very soon !! The dior polishes are on my wishlist !!! xo

  4. i;m never adventurous with nail polish but that light purple looks lovely!

  5. Πωπω τόσα πολλά που μπερδεύτηκα. Νομίζω τα μοβ-λιλά μου "χτύπησαν" πιο πολύ στο μάτι. Φιλάκια!!

  6. i love the OPI collection, so pretty colors!!

  7. @cbsg5861: yes :( Let's hope we'll find a cheaper dupe ;)

    @Ariaina: it's very unique but not my style. Thanks for visiting and commenting hun!

    @glittermeup: yeees!! Kisses doll!

    @Y: light purple is one of my all time fav polish shades! :D

  8. Καλα εεε! Το μωβα απο τη dior ειναι τελειο! Εγω σου ειπα ηδη οτι ξεκινησα ετσι?? Με ενα γαλαζακι απο την china glaze! Αντε να δουμε ποσα θα παρω παλι φετος... :)

  9. Πολύ ωραίο post!!Τα λατρεύω τα παστέλ!!!Τα china glaze μου κλείνουν το μάτι !!


  10. Πολύ ωραία χρωματάκια έχουν όλα αλλά εγώ λάτρεψα του Dior!! :)

  11. They all look great ^ ^
    I have my eyes on a beautigul blue nail polsih from Miss sporty /number 60/ and I'm always short whit a cople of cents when I see it in the stores -.-
    I have my eyes on some Maybeeline polsihes as well ^ ^

  12. Δεν ξέρω γιατί αλλά τα Essie και τα zoya με ενθουσίασαν αλλά σίγουρα θα χτυπήσω αλύπητα καιτα φλούο της China Glaze!!!

  13. Εγώ τα θέλω όλααααααααα!!!!!!!!!!!!Είναι τέλεια χρώματα,δεν ξεχωρίζω κανένα....καλό σ/κ

  14. This comment has been removed by the author.

  15. I love OPI and China Glaze collection!!!
    Have a nice month!!! Kisses!



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