• Shellac review, part 2

I'm here with the last part of my Shellac review. The first part of the review is here. So, let's see some photos.

Day 1 indoors, the colour is not accurate here

Day 5, outdoors, shade

 Day 11, outdoors, sun

Day 20, a.k.a. the scary photo!! This is just before I remove it and give myself a mani. You can see not only the new nail line under the cuticle area but also the regular nail line above the french line!

Yep, I kept it for 20 days!! Now, let's answer some questions

-Can I paint my nails with regular nail polish on top?
Yes! You can paint your nails with regular nail polish. I've tried and it's fine. Remove it with acetone-free nail polish remover and your Shellac is good as new! (I did the China Glaze swatches on top of Shellac and also kept "Light as air" on nails for 3 days, no chipping or anything).

-Does crackle polish work on top of Shellac?
No, I've tried it and it didn't crackle. If you use regular nail polish and then the crackle polish it'd be okay I guess.

Here's the evidence. It's completely dry but no crackle effect.

-Can I do Konad, add nail stickers etc?
Yes, you can. Remove them with acetone-free nail polish remover and you are fine!

Again indoors so the colour isn't accurate (my lamp has an issue with Shellac??) but you can see the Konad design.

Removing Shellac
Removing it wasn't difficult. Dip your nails in acetone and wait.
The nail surface will start getting rough and the Shellac will start chipping.
Use a wooden stick to help it peel off.
If there is still some polish on your nails dip again and peel off with the orange stick.
Lightly buff the nails to achieve perfectly smooth nails.
Now, I'd suggest to use a nail strengthener and some nail oil because the acetone dries the nails and the skin around it.

Tips and Tricks
*I'd recommend a french manicure as you'll be able to keep it for longer because the new nail line is not that visible.
*If you do french, draw the french line thicker than usual because it'll be thicker in 10 days.
*I'd recommend Shellac for toe nails, they don't grow fast so you'll keep it for longer.
*I'd recommend it for summer holidays because sun, sand and sea/pool water always make my nail polish dull (not shiny) and it chips easily.
*If the new nail line is visible you can cover it with
    -stamping, this is what I did in the photo above.
    -ruffian manicure. Of course this one would look good on coloured Shellac, not the french one.
    -regular nail polish in a very similar colour using a thin brush.

Summary: 4,5/5
After removing it I noticed that my nails had chipped a tiny bit but it's natural because they were really long and I'm not very gentle to them. If I had regular nail polish on they would have broken for sure. Other than that, I didn't notice anything else. They didn't become more fragile or sensitive or anything.

- Zero drying time
- Shiny
- No smudging, no chipping
- Lasts up to 20 days on finger nails, probably more on toe nails

- UV lamp
- Not many colours/finishes available

Would I do it again?
Yes, I want to do french Shellac on my toe nails for summer holidays.

I hope you find interesting my review, sorry if it was too long! Feel free to ask me anything :)
Take care, have fun!


  1. Oso perissotero diavazw, toso perissotero thelw na to dokimasw kai egw!!!!!

  2. well, for girls who doesn't have time to polish nails on a daily basis, this is a perfect solution... after 2 day i get bored with almost everything ;-)


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