• In love with stamping

Hey lovelies!
I have to confess I love stamping these days! What I like about it is that you can upgrade your manicure and make pretty even an ugly nail polish colour! If you have some nail polish colours that you don't like that much, try stamping over them! And what I like the most is that it takes no time to do so! This is my current manicure and it took me no more than 15 mins to do it. :)

I used
- Essence ultra strong nail repair
- China Glaze Re-fresh Mint (one coat was enough :D)
- BornPrettyStore Nail Art Stamp Template-m74
- Essence white stamping polish
- Seche Vite

These are the designs I used (I know, it's obvious, but just in case someone wants them)

This is the first full nail image I try from my new plates and it was perfect, big enough and not difficult to transfer. I can't wait to try the top right design too, it looks so pretty and spring-y! Hmmm, what colours should I use?

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  1. To re-fresh mint evales sigoura???? Auto fainetai nude edw!!!
    Tin idia plaketa exoume :P
    Loipon to sxedio einai teleio me aspr/mauro, aspro/kokkino, aspro/prasino isws...protimw ta dyo prwta pou sou eipa.
    Xmmm les na to dokimasw tin epomeni fora pou tha kanw ta nyxia mou??? Kali fasi!!!

  2. @Κερασία: Το άτιμο το φως φταίει, είναι και σε μικρή επιφάνεια και δε δείχνει το χρωματάκι. Ωωω, ασπρόμαυρο θα είναι ωραίο!! Ναι, ειδικά το διχτυωτό σχεδιάκι είναι τέλειο για γαλλικό!

  3. If you can't see an old comment of yours, I'm really sorry, it seems that the blogger has eaten some of them! It's happened to other blogs too. I'll try to find them and re-publish them but in any case, be sure, I've read all of them and I'm really happy for each and every sweet comment I receive!

  4. Looks great Natalie! I agree with you on the stamping thing... you can do it in no time and instantly uplift your mani!

  5. Nice! Apo ebay pires ta ergaleia?

  6. @Peggy: Ευχαριστώ πολύ! Όχι, από το BornPrettyStote πήρα την πλακέτα με τα σχέδια, έχω λινκ πάνω :)


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