• April Favourites

Have a nice and sunny May dolls!!
These are the products I've been using a lot and loving the past month. As you can see they are all different than my March favourites. This doesn't mean that I don't like them any more, it means that a) some of them are over (my foundation), b) the weather changes so I need to change some products and c) I don't want to post the same products over and over and make you feel bored. With that being said these are my April Favourites

*Radiant matt finish transparent base: Sometimes I'm too bored or in a hurry to apply a face primer. But in the summer or when the weather is humid this base makes my foundation stay on longer.
*Essence stay all day long-lasting make-up in 20 soft nude: Since my last foundation is over this is what I have been using this month. It's medium coverage with natural finish. It smells nice too :) At the moment, I prefer natural to a matt finish and that's why I've been using this one with my next fav product,
*E.L.F. mineral booster in sheer: I use this as a setting powder for a natural finish. It has a pink undertone which I think makes my skin fresh looking.
*Korres cherry lipgloss in 23 light purple: It is a light pink-purple with silver shimmer. It has cool undertones which I like.
*Essence t.e. fairytale lipgloss in 03 pixie dust: light pink with pink and blue shimmer.
*E.L.F. healthy glow bronzing powder in matte bronze: I use this as a contour powder. It's a good cool (grey)brown colour, it's not very powdery and blends easily.
As you can see, I've been loving cool toned products but I need something to warm my skin a little. This is
*E.L.F. blush in mellow mauve: this is not very pigmented on my skin which is weird because most bloggers say that it is but it gives my cheecks a little bit of color and warms up my face.

For nails
*Essence ultra strong nail repair: I used it as base for the first half month, it made my nails stronger for
*Shellac manicure: for the last half month. I'm very happy with it, review part2 is coming soon.
*C-marso cuticle remover: this is my first cuticle remover and I'm quite happy with it.

In general, I've been loving a natural-finished, fresh-looking face. I'm not in the mood for warm colors and bronzers yet. Are you?


  1. Εγώ κάνω natural make up αλλά βάζω χρώμα στα χείλη!
    Καλό μήνα καλή μου και Καλή εβδομάδα!!

  2. Lovely favourites ;)
    I'm interested in this cool-toned Elf matte bronzer, it should work brilliantly as a contour shade! I didn't know there is a primer by Radiant... It's about time the company made a web page!

  3. Love your faves Natalie... except the cuticle remover. I don't see why people still tend to remove their cuticles these days as now we know they are there to protect against infections. I suggest you push them back gently with a cuticle pusher after you shower and then trim any excess off, but never remove all the cuticle :)

  4. Thanks for your lovely comments!!

    @cbsg5861: Yes, it works good for contouring. Agree!!

    @Lara: I totally agree with you, this is what I do and the cuticle remover just helps them get softer. I generally don't like cutting cuticles so I just trim them a tiny bit.

  5. @Lara...I so totally agree with you!!!!

    @Natalie...Egw pali exw mia trela me ta bronzers...xeimwna kalokairi vlepeis ti mouri mou maurismeni!!!! Kai molis pariggeila kainourio giati meta apo 2 mines (fantasou) prose3a oti ena pou exw tou korre eixe shimmer kai lampyriza...(fantasou pws kykloforousa...san ton fwteinouli agkalitsa)!!!!

  6. @Κερασία: Η αλήθεια είναι ότι το shimmer σε πούδρες, bronzers κλπ είναι λίγο ύπουλο, δεν πολυφαίνεται στο φως του σπιτιού αλλά στον ήλιο κάνει μπαμ! Την έχω πατήσει κι εγώ!

  7. I like your favorites! :D Elf, Korres and Radiant Professional! :) Mporeis na kaneis review th vash tis radiant? ;) x


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