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I have some exciting news to share with you today! Garnier invited me to the presentation of the new products and I'm more than happy to share everything with you!

The event was held on Valentine's Day so naturally the theme was all about love and hearts.
Marie, Stavroula and I :)

The first and most-awaited product was the BB cream for eyes roll-on.
Super tiny packaging yet holds 7ml of product, same quantity as most concealers.

Moving on to skincare, Garnier introduced 4 definitely-not-boring face creams.
Colourful, smelling amazing and with 4 different textures to match your own skin, I just want to try them all! For €6.49 it won't hurt my wallet ;)
Moreover, a mousse face cleanser from Pure Active line will shake up your morning routine!

Bodycare now. 
After the big success of the black bodytonic, the new one is beige so you can wear it under white summer skirts and dresses.
Big news is the bodytonic night treatment, meaning it'll work while you are asleep. For €15 I think it's worth trying.
And a dry oil for all over the body, named Ultimate Beauty Oil. €6.99 for 150ml

What about suncare? 
New Ambre Solaire sunscreens that protect the skin from long UVA rays. I learned that long UVA are responsible for the not-visible skin ageing.
Ideal Bronze will give your body an easy and fast (yet safe) tan
and for the face there will be a tinted BB cream with SPF50 yay!
After-sun care will be a dream with this melon-scented body gel-lotion. I may wanted to eat it...

Last but definitely not least, hair.
New hair styling products, mousses and sprays with cool look for your every hair need.
Miraculous Oil is Garnier's suggestion for dry hair oil. €8.99 for 150ml.
And for a splash of colour, Garnier suggests 3 new reddish blonde shades. For €4.60 it's one of the cheapest hair dyes available and this shade in the middle looks so pretty! Would you dare?

What product are you most excited for? Are these products available in your country yet?

Disclaimer: this post is for your information only, I'm not getting paid to write it and I'm not affiliate with Garnier. Some of the products are not available yet. Most photos belong to Marie, thank you doll!


  1. nice post I like the bb cream for the eyes. I would really love to try her .

  2. Great post hun! Can't wait fri the new mositurizers, and this Refreshing Sorbet After Sun made me thinking of summer so badly!

  3. Awwww θέλω να βάψω τα μαλλιά μου με το ξανθό της άμμου!!!

  4. @Nina: τη δοκιμάζω αυτές τις μέρες, καλύπτει και δεν το περίμενα!

    @Sophia: thanks hun! This Sorbet After Sun smells sooo yummy!

    @Κonstantina A: ναι!! Να το κάνεις!!


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