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Hi dollies!
A couple weeks ago Bioten invited me to an event-presentation for beauty bloggers. It was held at a Flocafe hence the yummy photos! We learned about the history of the brand which is now part of Sarantis group and we also learned about the products. Unfortunately, I had to leave early to go to work and I didn't have the chance to try the delicious-looking cake :/
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 photographer: Marie

Bioten is based on the healthy cosmetics trend that is very popular nowadays (I think it started with the Asian beauty products). The products contain vitamins to benefit the skin and are free from parabens that are accused of causing problems. Moreover, face products are free from paraffins.

What impressed me during the presentation is that the results written about Bioten's products are not based on people's comments only, but on scientific measures. I have to say I never paid attention on things like that but I will from now on.

Bioten kindly offered us goodie bags with some products to try. Here are the products and my opinion about each of them.

Skin Moisture Moisturizing Day Cream for normal/combination skin
I like the glass container, it used to be plastic and they changed it, thumbs up for the change!
It holds 50ml of product which can be used up to 12 months after opening. If I remember correctly it costs about €6.

Ingredients (from the packaging)
no parabens or paraffins as you can see
What Bioten says
What I say
My skin is normal/combination and I'm 25 so the cream should be good for my skin. And it is. It's lightweight, smells great and moisturizes my skin without leaving oiliness. My sister has tried it too but her skin is more oily so she didn't like the cream so much. It has no spf which can be good if you want to use it as night cream too or bad if you don't use anything else to protect your skin from the sun.
All in all, it's a good basic moisturizing face cream.

Skin Moisture Cleansing Gel for normal/combination skin
Plastic semi-transparent tube that holds 150ml and can be used up to 12 months after opening. I think it costs about €3.50. Zoom in to see the ingredients list.
I'm not very fond of the packaging. The product is a little runny and you need to be careful. I'd prefer a pump or ever a bottle that's not upside down because I wasted a lot of product the first couple times.
What Bioten says
It's a soap free, paraben and paraffin free face wash that will remove make up and dirt without leaving the skin dry. It contains quince nectar and Vitamin E to benefit the skin.

What I say
A good basic face wash. Mild, non-drying. It's soap free so it won't lather up that much. Smells lovely, just like the other products of this line.

Skin Repair Intensive Firming Serum
Opaque white packaging with a pump. Holds 50ml and can be used up to 12 months after opening. It costs about €12 I think.

Ingredients (from the packaging)

What Bioten says
What I say
In this case I cannot say that much. I only tried it a couple times. Application is good, it's easily absorbed, leaves no oiliness on the skin. It gives this soft-feeling skin I love. I'll give it to my mum since it's for her age/skin needs. I think she'll love it.
I think it's as good as other, more expensive serums but of course I cannot comment on the results. If you have tried it I'd love to hear your opinion.

All in all,
the Skin Moisture green line is great if your skin is normal to combination without acne problems or dry patches etc. If you need something more I'm afraid it won't cover all your skin needs. I've also tried the make up wipes from this line and I really like them.

More info:
* Learn more about Bioten
* BiotenGreece@facebook
* my other Bioten product reviews (Cellufight and Make up wipes)

I'd like to thank Bioten, Sarantis group and Anastasia Kyritsi for inviting me to this event. The products mentioned were given to me for free. Of course, nobody pays me to use or write about them. This is my honest opinion.

Have you tried any Bioten products? Which ones do you like? Anything I should definitely try?


  1. Μου τα έστειλαν και μένα χθες....λίγο που τα δοκίμασα μου άρεσαν πολύ....
    έχεις βραβειάκι...

  2. @AnnOuLa: ευχαριστώ πάρα πολύ!! <3

    @FashionSugarBubbles: χαίρομαι που σου άρεσε :))

    @eleni brightside: <3 ευχαριστώ αγάπη! Δυστυχώς δεν έφαγα τούρτα αλλά μου είπαν ότι ήταν τέλεια!

  3. Τελικά αυτό που έχω καταλάβει είναι πως τα Bioten ήπου τα λατρεύεις ή που τα μισείς. Εγώ ανήκω στην πρώτη κατηγορία. Ό,τι δοκίμασα μου άρεσε και με βόλεψε, ειδικά τα μαντιλάκια τους είναι πλέον στα βασικά μου ψώνια.
    Τι όμορφο event, να πάρει με κάλεσαν και εμένα αλλά από Θεσσαλονίκη έπεφτε κομματάκι μακριά :)

  4. @Ελένη Κερσένογλου missticklemepink.blogspot: α, τα αμαρτωλά μαντηλάκια τα αγαπώ κι εγώ! Δε βρίσκω εύκολα μαντηλάκια που να μη μου ερεθίζουν τα μάτια και τώρα που τα βρήκα δεν τα αφήνω. Κρίμα, θέλω πολύ να σε γνωρίσω από κοντά! :)

  5. I keep missing all you lovely gals at these events and there's more of them! I hope you had fun! I love the sound of bioten and remember trying some creams from Hondos centre when they first came out - the moisturising cream did just the job.

  6. This looks like a great event and a great product line!

    We're currently holding an international giveaway on our blog if your interested!

    Sita & Radha xx


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