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Hello lovelies!
I'm so happy to see that there were 1242 total entries in the giveaway! Woohoo, thanks so much for entering, following and commenting! Love you guys! And the winners are....

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Congratulations guys!!
Hope you'll enjoy your gifts! I'll email you asap, make sure to reply with your address.

So, the previous weekend there was a Beauty Festival in my city. It happens every spring and autumn and I always visit to grab some goodies. This time I was a good girl and didn't buy tons of stuff. And I already regret it LOL! Anyway, here's what I got

  • China Glaze Strong Adhesion Base Coat: I have it and I like it very much. When I recently realized it works with holos I had to buy it again.
  • Natural Care Praline Shower Gel: This one is also a repurchase. It smells like Nutella, do I have to say more?
  • YSL and Chanel logo nail stickers: I have wanted Chanel logo nail stickers for the last couple years and I couldn't find decent ones. I hope these ones are good.
  • O.P.I. Kiss on the chic: I have wanted to try O.P.I. polishes for quite some time and since they are not the most affordable ones I chose a colour that I'll hopefully use a lot. This looked the perfect I-have-no-time-but-I-want-pretty-nails colour. And here's how it looks sloppily applied.
It looks more beige or pink depending on the light. Both photos are taken outdoors in the shade.
  • The Balm FratBoy shadow/blush: Another product I've wanted to try for quite some time.
 front, back and inside, super retro packaging! I also like that it has a mirror.

 The colour is pigmented and what you see is what you get.
  • Essence colour&go polishes in 122 chic reloaded and134 stuck on you: Essence recently changed the basic nail polish line. New bottle shape (love it!), new brush (maybe a tiny bit too thick), more quantity, pricier (8ml instead of 5ml, 50 cents more expensive, not bad at all) and I had to try them!

Thanks for stopping by and for your all sweet comments!
Stay tuned because the next giveaway is not far away :D


  1. ολα ενα κι ενα!με γεια σου!ποσο κοστιζαν τα opi στην εκθεση;αυτα τα αυτοκολλητακια τα ψαχνω κι εγω εδω και πολυ καιρο και δεν εχω βρει καθολου!

  2. με γεια ολααα!το ρουζακι φαίνεται καταπληκτικο!!!

  3. @Stella: ή 6.50 ή 7.50 αλλά δεν είχε πολλά χρώματα :( Αν είναι καλά θα ψάξω να βρω αντιπρόσωπο να σου πω!

    @sissi: ευχαριστώ αγάπη! Η Μαίρη φταίει να ξέρεις :))

  4. Πολυ ωραιες αγορες,αυτο το ρουζ το θελω! :p Οπως επισης πρεπει να δοκιμασω τα νεα βερνικια της Essence.

  5. Καλοφόρετα κουκλίτσα μου!Το πήρες το ρουζάκι ε?Είμαι σίγουρη πως θα το λατρέψεις!Αφρόλουτρο πραλίνα??Γιατί δεν το είδα αυτό???

  6. Great haul. I'm loving the blush, it looks great.

  7. Με γεια!! Τα πήρα και εγώ τα βερνικάκια της Essence χεχεχε!! Γμτ θέλω και εγώ αφρόλουτρο πραλίνα, πρέπει να μυρίζει θεϊκά!! x

  8. @Lydia: ευχαριστώ πολύ κοπέλα μου!

    @Artemi: το ρουζ είναι νομίζω από τα χρώματα που λίγο-πολύ ταιριάζουν σε όλες, δεν είναι και πολύ γυαλιστερό, ελπίζω να με βολέψει

    @Angel♥Mary: Ευχαριστώ αγάπη! Ήταν σε ένα σχετικά άδειο περίπτερο, ίσως γι'αυτό δεν το πρόσεξες

  9. @Taya: I think it's one of their best sellers, it looks good with most skin tones :)

    @Stavroula @drugstoreandbargainlover: nutella, άσε! Πρέπει να βρούμε την εταιρία να οργανώσουμε επίσκεψη!

  10. Nice haul! Auto to praline shower gel fainetai apisteuta endiaferon <3

  11. Ευχαριστω πολυ !!Ειναι ολα τελεια :-)

  12. Τέλεια τα μανό :)
    Με γεια σου!!


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