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Hi lovelies!! Just a quick post to say hi!
I'm back with a new blog look, hope you like it! :D Tell me if you like/dislike anything.
Today is Mother's Day so don't forget to hug your mom and tell her you love her!

Yesterday, some fellow bloggers and I went to a party! Cosmopolitan Greece organized it at a Marc by Marc Jacobs store. Lipton Tea was there too, thank God because it was a hot day! Here are some photos

The place,

the cool drinks,
(The nail polish is Essie Braziliant and the bow ring is from Accessorize.)

and the hot boys lol!!

Ice tea, cupcakes and macarons, colourful bracelets!

Lovely co-bloggers who were there, check out their blogs for more!

Olga from http://www.leavemeonthecatwalk.blogspot.com
Depy from http://cuteandgirlydms.blogspot.com
Argyro from http://argyrousa.blogspot.com
Mara from http://myburlesque.blogspot.com
Marie from http://madeinheartgr.blogspot.com
Anastasia from http://siabeautyandmakeup.blogspot.com
Daphne from http://wwwlabellavitacom.blogspot.com
Anita from http://myownuniqueway.blogspot.com

We had lots of fun! Do you guys have any summer parties to attend? If not why don't you organize your very own? Ice tea, colourful cupcakes (semi-naked boys are optional) and you and your besties will have a great time!

I'll be back with my regular posts, reviews, NOTD and more, thanks for your luv and support!

images from: www.fashionfuss.com, girl's cameras and mine


  1. Ήμουν κι εγώ εκεί... χαχαχα great post girl!!! :)

  2. like!!!ithela kai go na ertho!:)fainontai teleia!

  3. Φαίνεται πως περάσατε καλά, πολύ χαίρομαι! Καλορίζικες οι αλλαγές

  4. Ημουν κ εγω εκει τελεια ηταν!!

  5. το διασκεδασατε πολυ ε?

    From Paris with love!

  6. @Marie, Debbie89: χαχα, ωραία περάσαμε!

    @lucy: next time οπωσδήποτε! :)

    @smugnificent: ευχαριστώ πολύ καλή μου!!

  7. Καλημέρα!!! Ήταν πολύ ωραία!! =)))
    Τι όμορφη ανακαίνιση που έκανες!!! Έτσι!!! =)))

  8. @les jolies: χιχι, πλάκα είχε! :)

    @Argyrousa: χαίρομαι που σου αρέσει :D :D Καλή εβδομάδα!!!

  9. That looks so exciting and fun :)
    The tea, cupcakes, and macarons look good and the boys don't look so bad either haha

  10. like like like!!! ναι ναι ναι ημουν κ γω εκει :P περασαμε τελεια!!!!!!!!

    great post beauty!

  11. μετά απο μια τρελή εβδομάδα, βλέπω το κοκταίηλ και το λιμπίζομαι.

  12. Χριστινα14 May, 2012 23:09

    Οταν ειδα οτι εκλεισες το blog σκεφτηκα "ναι, τωρα θα το κανει!" και περιμενα με αγωνια ομολογω! Πολυ ομορφο εγινε! Και το νυχι τελειο!

  13. @Miss DeVious DiVa: not bad at all, haha!

    @CuteandGirlyDMS: σήμερα είχε ρεπορτάζ το πρωινό του ΑΝΤ1 σοκ! Κάπου στα πλάνα είχε την Αναστασία και τη Μάρα!

    @λειντι ντι: πρέπει να ήταν χωρίς αλκοόλ αλλά δε βαριέσαι, ομορφούλι ήταν :)

    @AnnOuLa: καλά ήταν, νομίζω τώρα που καλοκαίριασε θα έχει τέτοια παρτάκια :)

    @Χριστίνα: αλήθεια σου αρέσει; Ωραίααα :))

  14. It looks like you all had a blast : )
    Too bad we don't have such parties here :D

  15. Love your new blog look :)

  16. @Sunny.Smile: thanks doll! It's a nice idea for summer birthday parties, right?

    @fairy_ana: aww, thanks! I'm happy you like it! :D


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