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I know that most of you love The Body Shop and so do I! That's why I was super excited to attend a bloggers event at the new Pulse Store and learn more about the brand and the new products!! Thank you Dimitra for inviting me!

The new store is cool and environmental friendly!
  • The regular light bulbs have been replaced with LED ones which means 25% less energy consumption
  • 100% Forest Stewardship Council (FCS) wood is used for the new stores
  • A news board is available in every Pulse store so that you can learn everything about new campaigns
  • There are testers with "Try Me!" labels everywhere and the make up stand is bigger that ever!

See? This was the first thing I saw when I entered the store! Me likey!
  • There was a big table at the center with all the new products

Our beloved Body Butters have a new look with less words, real fruit photos and 100% recyclable packaging. I already love Coconut and Sweet Lemon Body Butters and the next one I want to try is the Moringa one, such a fresh and floral scent!

Beautifying Oils are a new product, the ones I was most eager to try! For face, hair and body use, these dry oils are available in 10 scents and oh, boy! they are good! They contain kukui, sweet almond and Community Fair Trade marula oil, they moisturize without leaving oiliness.

What else?
  • The new Lily Cole limited edition Cruelty-Free Make up line! Soooo pink!

L to R: Pearl Radiance Primer, Shimmer Cubes, Lip & Cheek Dome, Liquid Eyeliner, Hi Shine Lip Treatment

I love everything pink! 2 products went straight into my WL, the pinkish shade of Lip & Cheek Dome and the Shimmer Cubes!

More photos!

 L to R: Olga, Stavroula, Depy, Argyro, Marie, Ria and me

A goodie bag was waiting for every girl! I really like these cotton tote bags, they are great for shopping and for Uni! But what was inside the bag?

  • Moringa Shower Gel: I was planning on getting a couple Moringa products as I looove the smell so I was happy I got this one!
  • Moringa Beautifying Oil: the new product in the smell I like, what else can I say? I already tried it, I applied it on my hair and decollete and people kept wondering what perfume I used ;)
  • Vitamin E Face Mist: already have it, already love it. I use it before and/or after make up, I really like it because it's light and refreshing.
  • Chocomaniac Body Butter: remember some time ago when I tried a sample? I really liked it then so I'm super happy to have the full size now :D

Last but not least, Sissi had a really nice surprise for me! I was the winner of her giveaway and she told me at the event and she also gave me my gift! Shiseido Perfect Mascara Full Definition, Fresh Line Dark Brown Eye Pencil and 2 Dior samples, J'adore perfume and the new BB cream! I'm really excited to try them all! Thanks so so much hun!! <3

Photos from
http://madeinheartgr.blogspot.com, Marie is our official photographer!

More info: http://www.thebodyshop.com

I had a blast, thank you The Body Shop Greece and Dimitra Kaldi for this amazing event!

Products were given to me for free. Nobody pays me to write this post or use the products. This is my honest opinion.


  1. Περάσαμε τέλεια! Ναι;!! Μακάρι να γίνονται συχνά τέτοια event!!=)
    Με΄γεια σου, τυχερούλα! xx

  2. Ax h photo pou eiste oles mazi einai h agaphmeni mou!!! Bravo koritsia, zilepsaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!Ouaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  3. @Argyrousa: Ναι!! Ευχαριστώ πολύ καλή μου!! <3

    @Κερασία: ευχαριστώ αγάπη!! Εύχομαι στο επόμενο να είμαστε όοολες μαζί! <3

  4. Πρέπει να ήταν τέλεια στο event :)

  5. Περάσαμε πολύ ωραία και γελάσαμε πολύ!!! Άντε να γίνει πάλι κανά event να περάσουμε ακόμα καλύτερα!!!

    υ.γ. liiiiiiike για το official photographer!!! ;)

  6. Η φωτό που είστε όλες μαζί είναι τέλεια!!!
    Θα το επισκεφτώ και εγώ σύντομα!!! ΧΧΧ

  7. Ήταν πάρα πολύ ωραία! Δοκίμασα και τα προϊόντα που μας έδωσαν και ξετρελάθηκα! Φιλάκια!!!

  8. @Claire D. T: ωραία ήταν :) Ελπίζω να αλλάξουν σιγά-σιγά όλα τα μαγαζιά και να γίνουν σαν αυτό!

    @Marie: ναι, και στο επόμενο με το καλό! χαχα, αφού είσαι!!

    @elena♥elenas finds♥: ευχαριστούμε καλή μου!! <3 Είναι πολύ όμορφο το μαγαζί, πολύ φιλικό και ζεστό!

  9. Γλυκούλι κοριτσάκι μου! :) Τι ωραία που τα περάσαμε εκείνη την ημέρα!! x

  10. Prota apo ola na sou pw ti iperoxo blog layout pou eftiakses , einai teleio !! Tha thela kai egw na eimoun ekei pera mazi sas :(

  11. @Stavroula @drugstoreandbargainlover: με τέτοια τρελοπαρέα γίνεται να μην περάσουμε καλά;; χιχι! <3

  12. stin photo eiste oles koukles!na xairese kai ta dorakia sou.http://nailsartgr.blogspot.com/

  13. Love the photos ;)
    It was great meeting you, darling!!!

  14. Πολύ ωραίες φωτογραφίες!!!Μας κάνεις και ζηλεύουμε!!!Με γεια τα δωράκια σου είναι τέλεια!!!

  15. @Nails Art Design Greece: ευχαριστώ πολύ καλή μου!!

    @Evi: :D Many kisses doll, hope to see you again soon!

  16. @Maria: ευχαριστώ πολύ για τα καλά σου λόγια! Να πας στο μαγαζί, είναι πολύ ωραίο!

  17. lucky you :-D
    it's always nice to see your fellow bloggers :-D

  18. So so cute!!! I love your blog. It is such an inspiration for me!!!
    Kisses and hugs
    Miss Margaret Cruzemark

  19. @nail crazy: thanks so much doll!!

    @Miss Margaret Cruzemark: awww, thanks so much for your lovely comment!! <3<3


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