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Hey dolls! I thought  I'd show you my favourite make up wipes today. I'm really difficult as far as make up removers and especially make up wipes are concerned. I am a contact lenses user and I don't know if this is the reason but my eye area is very sensitive. Most make up removers tingle my eyes badly and I have tried many different ones till I found a couple ones that don't irritate my eyes. With make up wipes it's even worse because I have to rub my eyes with them. And here are the three ones I like the most and don't make me eyes burn. They are pretty affordable too ;)

-------------------------------- Garnier Clean Sensitive ---------------------------------

I love the Garnier Clean Sensitive line because it's for sensitive skin. It contains no artificial colour, alcohol or perfume. These wipes have a very delicate smell, clean my face really well withought leaving my skin dry and my eye area red. The packet contains 25 wipes. Garnier usually offers them with 40% off or BOGOF which is great. Here are the ingredients

----------------------------------- Bioten Skin Moisture ----------------------------------

Bioten is a greek brand but maybe you can also found it online. Bioten products don't contain parabens which is great. There are 3 things I like about these wipes. They don't irritate my eyes(obviously), they smell really nice, fresh and fruity and they have one softer side and one that exfoliates a little. Perfect! They are also affordable and Bioten has some good offers running at the moment (BOGOF or free with face cream, if I remember correctly) The packet contains 20 wipes and here are the ingredients

---------------------------------- Pom Pon Eyes Expert ---------------------------------

I really hate Pom Pon's make up wipes. All of them expect from these. These are specially for eyes. They manage to remove even waterproof mascara without irritating my eyes. Like, wow! And they don't feel greasy or anything. The packet contains 15 wipes and here are the ingredients
Sorry, my camera decided not to focus at that point :( These are also cheaper than most make up wipes.

I've already finished these packets (I know, you can tell from the photos that they are not new, lol!) and I will definitely buy them again. Keep in mind that make up wipes are not perfect for everyday use, they won't deeply clean your face but if you are traveling or are in a hurry they come very handy.

I'd love to know what your fav make up wipes are! Do you have a problem with wipes irritating your eye area or is it just me? Do you have any sensitive-eye-area-tips to share?

Take care, have fun! :D


  1. Έχω δοκιμάσει μόνο από Bioten αλλά τα λατρεύω :) Μυρίζουν απίστευτα και καθαρίζουν και πολύ καλά!!

  2. I haven't use any of them, but I have contact lenses and my eye area is not sensitive, luckily! I've tried Primark wipes for all my face including eyes, but they're not good enough.. I preffer the ones from supermarkets like Alcampo and Mercadona (Mercadona is only in Spain, but I'm sure you'd adore all its products.. everybody in Spain adores them! They're the cheapest and have divine quality.. if you come to Spain, search this supermarket xD)

  3. Εδω διαφωνούμε!! Τα Pompon ειναι τα αγαπημένα μου!!! Παντως εχω ακουσει και απο αλλες κοπελες που δεν τις βολευουν ή τις προκαλούν ερεθισμούς..αλλα εγώ απλά τα λατρεύω!! Τα αλλα δυο που εδειξες δεν τα εχω δοκιμασει. Νομιζω μονο καποια της Nivea αν δεν κανω λαθος που τελικα δεν με βολεψαν καθολου και ξαναγύρισα στα αγαπημενα μου

  4. Ψηφίζω και εγώ bioten!Μυρίζουν τέλεια, κάνουν πολύ καλή δουλειά και δεν έχουν parabens!

  5. @Claire: Κι εγώ έμεινα πολύ ευχαριστημένη! :D

    @HariRari: thanks a lot girl, I'll keep them in mind! I wish I could come to Spain soon!! :D

    @Κερασία: Έχω δοκιμάσει αρκετά από pompon αλλά με τσούζουν τρελά! Μόνο αυτά αντέχω. Nivea δεν έχω δοκιμάσει.

  6. Im not a makeup wipe fan , i think they should only be used for taking off light makeup or taking off makeup in emergencies. The whole cleanse and tone system is what i believe in and i think it works wonders for your skin ( if you get a good one). xo

  7. Εγώ έχω δοκιμάσει Loreal, olay & Garnier !!! Κ τελικά λάτρεψα τα μαντηλάκια της Garnier... μάλλον γιατί ταιριάζουν πιο πολύ στο δέρμα μου.

    χχχ Μαίρη

  8. I usually use Nivea or Balea wipes. I don't have any problem with them.

  9. Εγω γενικως δεν τα χρησιμοποιω πολυ αλλα τα εχω για ωρα αναγκης, ταξιδια κλπ. Βεβαια τα δικα μου ειναι (τι αλλο???) βιολογικα! Fria Struccanti Bio λεγονται και ειναι απο Ιταλια μερια.

  10. Τελευταία χρησιμοποιώ Bioten και είμαι ευχαριστημένη!!! Τα έχω δοκιμάσει σχεδόν όλα και τα μόνα που με ενοχλούσαν ήταν τα Νivea και τα Johnson & Johnson προφανώς κάποιο συστατικό τους δεν είναι συμβατό με εμένα... Τα καλύτερα ever για εμένα πάντως είναι τα e.l.f!!! Tα μόνα που δεν στεγνώνουν ακόμα και αν μείνουν ανοικτά!!!

  11. Σε πολλές αρέσουν τα bioten βλέπω! I love your suggestions, keep them coming!! :D

  12. Very useful post! Den exo dokimasei pote ta wipes tis Garnier, suni8os pairno eite ta Pom Pon i ta Johnson's kai den exo parapono apo kanena apo ta duo.


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