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Hello everyone! Sorry I'm a little late! Have a happy November!!
Here are some new beauty products I've been enjoying during the past 2 months
- e.l.f. Zit Zapper: this product was out of stock every time I wanted to order and when I finally found it I HAD to try it. I think it works, I've used it for some huge inside pimples and it made them smaller. Some people say they don't like the smell. It smells tea tree and I've used many tea tree products so the smell doesn't bother me at all.

- MAC paint pot in painterly: this was in my wishlist for a long long time but I always missed MAC sales! I finally got it and I like it very much! You know these tiny veins we have on the browbone area? This is perfect for covering them if you want to apply a black eyeliner and no shadow. It also works as an eyeshadow base.
*I didn't know that MAC stands for Makeup Art Cosmetics! lol!

- e.l.f. Blush and Brozer compact: this is amazing! If your skin is ok, this is all you need for a super quick make up. The bronzer is not matte but it's not very shimmery either. And the blush is more pigmented than the other studio blushes I bought. I'm very happy with it!

- e.l.f. Studio Cream Eyeshadow in Dawn which is the left one. I thought I'd prefer Candlelight which is the right one but Dawn has better consistency. I thought it was just me but then I read in other blogs that Candlelight applies a little patchy.

- Sigma Make me Blush brush set: of course I love it! It's pretty, it's good quality and it was a gift so I can't find a reason not to love it.

- Sigma Dry 'n' Shape: I'm not sure if I'd buy this if I didn't win it but now I have it I can say that it's good. It dries the brushes in half the time or less and it re-shapes them. I used to lay my brushes flat on a towel in my bathroom and someone would always knock them down (usually me! lol!) and they'd get dirty so I'd have to wash them again. Now, even if it falls on the floor, the brushes are inside so no problem!

Have you tried any of these products? Like/hate them?
I'm currently trying many new beauty products so stay tuned for reviews. I'm actually thinking about mini reviews as my regular ones are pretty long and may be boring, what do you think?

Disclaimer: Sigma products were given to me as a gift, links are affiliate links. This is my honest opinion. Nobody pays me to use and write about these products.


  1. i need to buy some brushes. not very mac ones that I have. am very tempted by sigma ones. are they soft though?

  2. I tried Elf Blush and bronzer compact and I love it!!

  3. ta agapimena sou einai k agapimena mou!!!!Aaaaaax eisai toso tyxeri pou exeis auta ta sigma!!

  4. @λειντι ντι: they are very nice, I have reviews on the Make me blush kit and the F80 brush which is my fav foundation brush!

    @fairy_ana: I'm happy we both like it! :D

    @Lara: thanks hun!

    @Κερασία: ευχαριστώ πολύ!! <3<3

  5. Ουφ ξέρεις τι καταναλωτική μανία με πιάνει όταν διαβάζω τις αναρτήσεις σου;;; χαχα Τα θέλω όλα! Ειδικά τα πινέλα τα έχω βάλει στο μάτι εδώ και καιρό!!
    Καλή εβδομάδα!!

  6. Latremeno mou painterly! <3 i'm in love with this product! :D
    episis wrees oi skies ts Elf ,toulaxiston etsi fenontai! super! ;)


  7. @Μοντέρνα Σταχτοπούτα: χαχαχα! Το ίδιο παθαίνω κι εγώ με τις δικές σου! Τα πινελάκια αυτά τα αγαπώ, αν δεν τα κέρδιζα θα τα έπαιρνα σίγουρα! Περίμενε λίγο όμως, βγαίνουν και καινούρια σετάκια σύντομα!

    @FashionSugarBubbles: κι εγώ το έχω αγαπήσει! Καλές είναι και δεν το περίμενα να σου πω την αλήθεια!


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