• Fall inspired mani (sponging and stamping)

Hi lovelies!
Things haven't been perfect lately, as you may know, a fellow beauty blogger is no longer with us and I'm really sad. That's why I haven't posted anything lately. But now I'm back and I want to share with you a fall inspired mani with sponging and stamps!! If you like the colours and want to try it, scroll down to read how :)
You'll need:

You'll also need some water to dip in the q-tips and acetone for the stamps and for the clean-up at the end.

How you'll do it:
- Apply your base coat. I used Essence pro white nail hardener.
- Apply a champagne-gold nail polish on the whole nail. I used Essence colour&go nail polish in 32 Gold Rush.
- Dip a q-tip in water and remove it quickly before it soaks up too much water. We just want it wet so that it won't leave tiny cotton hairs on the nail.
- Add 2-3 drops of a dark green nail polish on a piece of paper and dip the wet q-tip in it.
- Now lightly touch your nails with the coloured q-tip to create the sponge effect. Of course you can use make up sponge for this but it's easier with the q-tip if you don't want to cover up the whole nail.
- Let it dry and move on to the stamps. I used the dark brown nail polish and BornPrettyStore image plate m56 to create the french leaves/branches design. Next I used Essence multi dimension nail polish in 39 Spicy and an Essence image plate for the other design.
- Let it dry and apply your top coat. I used Essence Studio Nails better than gel nails Top sealer that works great with stamps, doesn't smudge the design.
- Use some acetone and q-tips to clean up around the nails because sponging usually leaves a mess behind :D
- Enjoy!!

Hope you like it <3 Feel free to use the colours you already have! I generally don't like these colours on my nails but I had so much fun using them for this design.
Take care and have fun!


  1. Oh my gosh!!! They are fantastic!!! They make me feel like if a fairy will appear!!!

  2. What? Wait.. Ti ennoeis? Ti egine kale kai den to kserw? Me tromazeis..
    Poli poli omorfo to sxedio sta nixia sou! Ena mikro ergo texnis stis akres twn xeriwn sou, etsi moiazei :)

  3. @Korina: hihi, I'm so happy you like them! <3

    @KellyCake: thanks so much! xx

    @Y: I'll email you. Thanks so much hun! :D <3

  4. I just read for the Beauty Blogger and feel very sorry for that please mail me if it is possible!
    The nails are so romantic you are in the autumn theme!!!Lovely!

  5. Δεν άκουσα κάτι για αυτό που αναφέρεις αλλά μάλλον είναι κάτι πολύ δυσάρεστο από ότι κατάλαβα.. Αν θες στείλε mail..

    Όσο για τα νύχια σου είναι φανταστικά!!
    Να περάσεις ένα τέλειο Σ/Κ !!
    Φιλιά πολλά καλή μου..

  6. Πανέμορφο είναι...
    Το χεις φιλενάδα!!

    (Όπως ήδη σου είπα, είμαι εδώ για ότι θές.)

  7. @Demi: thanks so much doll!!

    @Μοντέρνα Σταχτοπούτα: ευχαριστώ πολύ αγαπημένη! Καλό σ/κ!! Πολλά φιλιά!!

    @Ria: thanks luv!!

  8. Περιμένω πως και πως να ερθει το Φθινοπωρο! Το σχεδιο ειναι πολυ ομορφο!

    Πολυ στεναχωρηθηκα και με αυτο που ανεφερες στο post σου... Δεν ειχα ακουσει κατι... Κριμα...

  9. such a cute mani, i love it :-D

  10. @Christina: ευχαριστώ πολύ πολύ καλή μου! Ναι, είναι πολύ κρίμα :(

    @nail crazy: thanks love!!

  11. Einai krima otan xanetai kapoios entelos 3afnika, idios ena agapito prosopo :(

    On the other hand, to mani einai teleio! Perfect gia to f8inoporo!


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