• Zoya nail polishes swatches

During the last week I've bought some new nail polishes! yay! So I thought you'd might want some swatches. Here are my Zoya ones.

L to R: Harlow, Zara, Anastasia, Shimmer

And moving on to the nail swatches... All swatches are 2 coats-no top coat.

This is called Shimmer, it's a very light pink shimmery colour. It's not opaque with 2 coats, as you can see. I added a third one after I took the photos but the nail line was still visible. So, I'll use it for french manicure or I'll layer it on top of a light pink (adding more than 3 layers is out of the question for me).
You can find it here: Zoya Shimmer
Description from Zoya's website: "A sheer light pink with plenty of glitzy gold and silver glitter. Like Glimmer, this makes a very glamorous French manicure." We agree on the glamorour french! lol!

Meet Zara. This is a light purple-gold duochrome colour. I really like this one. 2 coats give perfect cover.
You can find it here: Zoya Zara
Description from Zoya's website: "A vivid blue-toned light purple with strong golden duochrome shimmer. Gives a magical look to nails"

This is Harlow and as you can see, it's matte. Or matte velvet as written on the bottle. It's a fuschia-purple colour. It's pretty as matte but I suspect it will be even prettier with a top coat.
You could find it here: Zoya Matte Velvet Winter Nail Polish Collection as it was part of this collection but I guess it's no longer available. Sorry :-/

And this is Anastasia. This colour is a little difficult to describe. It's a brown-plum-gold duochrome.
You can find it here: Zoya Anastasia
And this is the description from Zoya's website (I agree!): "A warm brown with strong purple tones with golden plum duochrome and heavy gold microglitter. Magical and versatile for sparkling fall beauty."

And a bonus photo. Drumroll please because I finally got my very first, very own bottle of....
 Seche Vite!!!

I can't wait to try it on! What do you think? Do you have/love/hate any of these shades? I think I'll try Shellac (semi-permanent nail polish) on Wednesday so stay tuned for a review ;) Have you tried Shellac? Would you like to?


  1. I love Zara the most! It's such a pretty colour!

  2. @Lara: Yes, it's really beautiful! Thanks for following and commenting honey!

  3. Απίθανα!!! Αχ τι ωραία! Τη υριακή που έφυγα άρον άρον δεν σου έδωσα αυτά που σου έλεγα...και τα είχα φέρει και τα δύο!
    Περιμένω να δώ εκείνα της China Glaze!Εγώ δεν τα πρόλαβα...σνιφ κλαψ...!

  4. @fabulousyougirl: thanks? αλήθεια? δεν πειράζει, θα ξαναβρεθούμε ελπίζω :) Κρίμα.. :(

  5. Αμέ!!! Έχεις να με πας εκεί που αγοράζεις essence!Αχαχαχα!
    Κοίτα εδώ...αν και στα ιταλικά, με λίγα λόγια απλά προτείνω τo blog σου!!

  6. Με γεια τα νέα χρώματα!...το seche τα σπάει αλλά περιέχει τουλένιο...εγώ το χρησιμοποιώ όταν βιάζομαι...περιμένω το Πασχαλινό μου δώρο για να αγοράσω το shellac...οπότε περιμένω εντυπώσεις.!

  7. About your question on the diy multicolor blush:
    I made small batches of ever shade and color,so I can later place and divide each batch to create that multi color effect.

  8. @Fabulousyougirl: Ωωωω, είσαι πολύ καλή!! Χρησιμοποίησα τη μετάφραση google, ευχαριστώ πάρα πολύ για τα καλά σου λόγια, τα αισθήματα είναι αμοιβαία φυσικά! Κάνω follow και σε αυτό :D

    @Demi: Ευχαριστώ κουκλίτσα! Το ξέρω, και με τέτοια τιμή, σίγουρα δεν είναι για κάθε μέρα! Αμέ, θα κάνω ποστ. :)

  9. No Problem Nat :)
    do you have a facebook or skype account ?

  10. Μου άρεσαν όλα αλλά τα Harlow,Zara είναι πιο κοντά στο γούστο μου νομίζω..
    Καλή εβδομάδα!!!

  11. @Μοντέρνα Σταχτοπούτα: Καλή εβδομάδα! Πολλά φιλιά!!

  12. Ola yperoxa xrwmatakia!
    Me geia!
    Polla filia

  13. @Artemi: Thanks doll! :) Polla filakia!


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