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Hey dolls!
On Saturday evening I received an email from Beauty Diaries informing me that I was one of the winners of a free Essie mani and inviting me on Sunday afternoon at a super cool beach bar-cafe to claim my gift! I was speechless!
This is what I saw when I arrived. Beautiful beach, sweet Essie girls and the new Essie collection Bikini So Teeny were waiting for us! Ah-mazing!!

This is Alex's hand, a fashion blogger I met there. She chose a pretty orange colour.

Colourful nails! The one on the left is mine :D

This is Roula, she did a skittle mani.

And Giota, she did an ombre mani. I love her rings btw :)

Mohito Madness with Bikini So Teeny for the ring finger. Bikini and mohito, is there a better summer combination?

Efi and I chose Bikini So Teeny too. It's a super cool colour!

We had a great time and when we were about to leave Essie Greece had another surprize for us! Goodie bags!! Wanna see what was in them?

I almost fainted when I saw it! 5 full size polishes from the new Bikini So Teeny collection (summer 2012) and a fast drying top coat! OMG x6!! Click the image to see the awesomeness. Please, excuse my super-fast-to-catch-the-last-sun-rays messy swatches, I'll do proper swatches soon! The colours are even prettier IRL, I can tell you that. All Tied Up is the most unique shade among them, it's a dusty redish pink with golden shimmer. Bikini So Teeny is a light bluish blurple with hidden shimmer that only strong light or summer sun will reveal ;) Fear or Desire, well, you know I'm orange-o-holic this summer, right? Here's a new orange to keep me excited! Mohito Madness is an amazing green, super fun and summery. Off The Shoulder is the sweetest shade inbetween hot pink and baby pink. The only colour from the collection I didn't get is Cascade Cool which is a cool toned pink but it's ok because I got To Dry For instead! :D

Polish addicts out there, I'm sure you know how I feel. It was so unexpected, the most colourful surprize ever!

Thank you so so much Efi and Essie Greece for the amazing afternoon!!

I wish you all a happy and colourful July!

Disclaimer: Essie polishes were given to me for free in the event. Nobody pays me or told me to use them or write this post. I just wanted to show you the new collection and some super cool manis :D This is my honest opinion.


  1. Poly wraia ta nuxakia sas..prepei na perasate teleiaaa!!!

  2. Congratz sweetie, so glad you had a great time and polishes from the new collection are fabulous!

  3. @Zoi: ευχαριστώ πολύ!! Πέρασα πολύ όμορφα και πήρα ιδέες για πολύχρωμα μανικιούρ ;)

    @Koa: thank you so much! I'd definitely buy Bikini So Teeny if it wasn't given to me, I loved this shade!

  4. Πολύ ωραίο το ποστ σου και τα βερνίκαι της Essie. Φιλια!!!

  5. Sounds like you had a super fun day!!!

  6. @Marie: ευχαριστώ αγάπη!! Τα φιλιά μου!!

    @Cel: where there are polishes there's definitely fun, right? :D Many kisses!

  7. αχ τι τελειαααα ποσο ζηλευωω!!!
    πρεπει να περασες σουπερ !
    τοσο ωραια καλοκαιρινα χρωματα το καλοκαιρακι ειναι η καλυτερη εποχη μας φτιαχνει τη διαθεση :)
    παω για μανικιουρ!χιχιχι

  8. @caramellitsa: τα χρωματάκια είναι τέλεια, το Bikini So Teeny θα το αγόραζα σίγουρα αν δε μας το έδιναν, ήταν έρωτας με την πρώτη ματιά χαχαχα!
    Πολλά φιλάκια!!

  9. Hey! I love'd this post! we had such a great time together. I so happy to meet you <3

  10. @giotared: we did, right? :D I hope to meet you again soon! Many kisses!

  11. ohh ti teleia pou perases!!


  12. Τέλεια μανικιούρ!!! :)

  13. @FashionSugarBubbles: ήταν πολύ όμορφα :) Πολλά φιλάκια!!

    @Claire D. T: αυτά τα πολύχρωμα τα έχω ζηλέψει, θα τα τολμήσω κάποια στιγμή :)

  14. Κοριτσι βλεπω καλοπερνας!
    Καλοκαιρακι και ξενασια! ;)


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