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Hi dolls!
Do you remember my post about my HG Essence top coat? I love it and the problem is I can't find it anymore. So my amazing blog friends came to the rescue! And they sent me some bottles. Along with other goodies. :) Wanna see?

Taya and I arranged a small swap. She told me Catrice products were available at where she lives and I definitely wanted to try them! Catrice is like Essence's sister brand but it's not available in Greece, no idea why! >:-/ Anyway, here's what she sent me

  • Catrice Defining Duo Blush in 030 Pink Grapefruit Shake. I love pink blushes and this one is so beautiful! The dark shade is matte and the light one is shimmery so it's perfect for highlight!
  • Catrice Ultimate Shine Lipstick in 210 Kiss Kiss Hibiskiss. Oooh, super pretty, super bright shade! Pigmented lipstick that applies like a dream.
  • Catrice Made to Stay Longlasting Eyeshadow in 050 Metall Of Honor. I'm not sure if you can tell but this is a brownish olive colour. I like it and I'm very happy with the colour. Because Essence only has metallic silver, gold and copper shadows which don't look good on me. I tried it and I like it, good pigmentation, blends easily and with primer it lasts all day long.
  • Catrice Ultimate Nail Lacquer in 420 Dirty Berry. It's purple and a little holo, I really like it! :D
  • Catrice Ultimate Nail Lacquer in 840 Genius In The Bottle. *happy dance* I have the Chanel dupe!!
  • Catrice Ultimate Nail Lacquer in 670 It's Rambo No.5. A khaki shade, I don't have anything similar to this!
  • and 2 bottles of Essence Top Sealer. yay!

Then Mateja and I arranged another swap. Here's what she sent me

  • Lovely handmade jewelery, very summery! Can't tell which one is my favourite, I like them all!
  • Catrice Ultimate Nail Lacquer in 160 Sweets For My Sweets. A creme girly pink, you know I love pinks :)
  • Ruby Kisses Nail Polish in 123 Ruby Slippers. A dark red shade with red, black and silver glitter, wow!
  • Ruby Kisses Nail Polish in 113 Steel Magnolia. A graphite colour with silver shimmer, very pretty!
  • 4 bottles of Essence Top Sealer. 
Swatches are coming soon!

And then Stella from Shopping Therapy hosted a giveaway. And I won! :D
The prize is literally the sweetest piece of jewelery you can find! But first look at the pretty card Thania (the lady who sells this jewelery along with many other amazing items!) included
Pretty packaging and my gift! It looks so cute and yummy! And you know what? It also smells yummy, it smells like chocolate fudge. Yes, it's scented! How amazing is that?
It came in a plastic wrap and I'll keep it in there when I'm not wearing it so it can keep its scent for as long as possible.
Thank you so much lovelies, you totally made my day, week, month!!

All products shown are gifts from my lovely blog friends!
The last image is from: www.rundpinne.com


  1. Oh gosh!!! The jewelery are so cute! I love the light blue earrings and the prize you won!

    I wish Catrice will be available in Greece asap.
    I can't wait for your reviews,girl!

  2. αχ τι ομορφα πραγματα!!
    το τελευταιο που κερδισες απο το διαγωνισμο ειναι τοσο γλυκουλι!! κυριολεκτικα κ μεταφορικα χιχι

    οι ανταλλαγες ειναι τοσο της μοδας κ με βρισκουν τοσο συμφωνη πολυ ωραια πραγματα ελαβες!!

  3. Με΄γεια όλα φαίνονται υπέροχα! =) Τόσο καλό και δυσεύρετο το Essence Top Sealer;;;

  4. Now you have 6 top coats!! Aaaaaaah, lucky woman! Great swaps and amazing gift! Με γειά κούκλααα!!

  5. enjoy! the scent lasts for one year!!

  6. @Korina: Me too! Sure, they're coming soon :) Many kisses sweety!

    @caramellitsa: άσε, στη σελίδα που τα πουλάει γλυκοκοιτάζω και τα άλλα scented κολιεδάκια χιχιχι! Ναι, είναι τέλεια ευκαιρία για να δοκιμάζεις προϊόντα που δεν κυκλοφορούν εδώ :)

    @Argyrousa: Εμένα μου αρέσει πολύ και με έχει βολέψει που στεγνώνει γρήγορα. Το seche vite είναι αντίστοιχο αλλά μου ξεφλουδίζει εύκολα.

    @Ria: My sister is going to steal 1-2 bottles for sure lol! Swaps are cool :D Mouats!!

    @stella: perfect :D Thanks again!!

  7. How awesome! And that necklace looks amazing!

  8. Με γεια!!! Όλα είναι υπέροχα!!!

  9. Σύντομα θα έχετε κι άλλο catrice provider
    πολύ όμορφα όλα :-)

  10. @Marie: ευχαριστώ καλή μου!!

    @smugnificent: ω τέλεια! Νομίζω είναι είναι ένα κλικ καλύτερα από τα Essence οπότε θέλω σίγουρα να δοκιμάσω κι άλλα!

  11. Τι ωραια πραγματακια!!! +1 για τις ανταλλαγες εννοειται!!
    Αυτο το γλυκο λαχταριστο κοσμηματακι πολυ το ζηλευω...μιαμ μιαμ:-Ρ
    Με γεια σου κουκλιτσα!!!


  12. me geia sou einai ola uperoxa!!!!

    auto einai to blog mou ri3tou mia matia elpizw na saresei filakia!!

  13. Oh I love Catrice! I use to buy them all the time when I was living in Switzerland and I really hate that I can't find them in Greece.


  14. Oh my, your blog friends picked out some amazing colours for you! How pretty is that Catrice lipstick? I hope 6 bottles of that Essence top coat will suffice ;)


  15. @beautyincrisis: ευχαριστώ πολύ καλή μου! Πολλά φιλάκια!

    @sylvie: ευχαριστώ πολύ!! Φυσικά :)

    @Eleonor Rigby: I really really hope they'll bring Catrice in Greece, we need affordable cosmetics brands.

    @fairy_ana: thanks doll! :)

  16. i guess now you have enough of tc for next year ;-D
    congrats on lovely prize :-D

  17. @Evi: it is, isn't it? Thanks so much doll! Oooh, don't make fun of me, I'm a polishaholic, I can't help it! LOL!

    @nail crazy: I hope so LOL! Thanks hun <3

  18. Ωραια πραγματακια πηρες!! Μου αρεσε απιστευτα το κραγιον :-)

  19. This is quite a heartbreaking post. Thanks so so much for the lovely comment on my blog. Sorry for not replying fast. It was such a busy period!!
    Best Regards
    Miss Margaret Cruzemark

  20. this is a so amazing collection of lipstick i like your collection is so beautiful and wonderful if you like to gifts to Pakistan for pakistani friends and people who like your collection and purchased its.

  21. @Claire D. T: είναι απίστευτο χρώμα :) Ευχαριστώ πολύ!!

    @Miss Margaret Cruzemark: thank you hun!!

    @Abdul Latif: thank you! Do you mean to swap with pakistani bloggers?

  22. Do you got some more collection beauty products? your idea for gifts was stunning.


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