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Hello beauties!
It so hot in Greece these days, I can't believe it's only mid June! To tell the truth I'm not very comfortable in my bikini or shorts yet, I need some... confidence boosters. What I'm talking about? The little beauty products that promise to make me look slimmer, prettier and sexier :D

First thing is tanning. I have nothing against pale girls, I actually like them but for me, since I have dark brown hair and eyes, I believe that when I'm a little tan I'm prettier. Tan also hides the imperfections like cellulite. And since sunbathing is neither healthy nor an option for me now (final exams, yeah) I go self tan. I use this product, Oriflame Sol Golden Self Tan
image from: gr.oriflame.com

I like that  it's a spray. I don't like that it's a colourless spray so I can't see where I've applied it. I like that it dries fast so I can get dressed. The colour is nice too, it's neither orange nor greyish, it's very natural. But the smell isn't good, it's the typical "burnt cookies" smell. So, yes, it's not perfect but it does the job. I've read raving reviews about the St Tropez products, I'll try them one day!

And when I finally manage to go to the beach, I need a little something to make me look sexier in my bikini. One option is sunscreen oils but these products don't usually come with high SPF. And I don't like that much being oily. So I use this baby instead

Garnier Ambre Solaire Golden Protect SPF 30 was sent to me by Garnier along with this huge hat and pretty scarf. As you can see I've already taken it for a swim :D

When I used it for the first time I had no idea it was shimmery! I have to admit I was a little scared when I applied it :) But the shimmer is so pretty! No, it's not discoball-ish! Of course if you hate glitter you won't like this but if you like a little sparkle I think you'll enjoy it :D Important thing, it has SPF30 which is more than enough for me, for body sunscreen. It's smells nice too!

And what about afterwards? What about walking by the beach or meeting friends for frozen yogurt or beach parties? I have exactly what we need!

photo from: www.thebodyshop-usa.com

The Body Shop Honey Bronze shimmering dry oil. Aww, this product is in my WL since the moment I saw it last year! But then it was out of stock all the time and this year I still haven't buy it! Why? I was a little afraid the shimmer and colour would be too obvious, too fake. But when I went to the Body Shop event I tried it and the shimmer is not that visible. So I have to have it, end of story! I'm wondering how it'll look on hair... It's a dry oil so it can be used on hair too, it won't make them oily ;)

So, these were mine, I can't wait to hear about yours! Every girl is pretty on her own but a little more confidence does no harm, right? What are the products that give you a little confidence boost? Anything I should definitely try?

P.S. Don't forget it's Father's Day today! Hug you Dad and tell him you love him!
image from: http://www.memoirsofamara.com

Disclaimer: Garnier Ambre Solaire Golden Protect SPF 30 was sent to me as a free gift from Garnier Greece. Nobody pays me to use it or include it in this post. This is my honest opinion.


  1. I'm so jealous that it's hot there! I wish it was here in the UK :(. Me and my boyfriend are hopefully going on holiday to Greece at the end of August :) I hope it's lovely there :) xxx

  2. @Natalie Roseanne Peploe: thanks doll! Really? Cool, I'm sure it'll be hot in August too, I wish you an amazing holiday!! <3

  3. It's superhot here un Bulgaria as well, and as you said - I'm suprised it's not the middle of July : )
    I get tanned really easy, so I don't uuse any protection, in fact I put on oil to get tanned fatser when I'm at the beach/pool :D

  4. @Sunny.Smile: really? If I don't use sunscreen I get sunburns!

  5. Δεν εχω δοκιμασει κανενα :P Αλλα να σου πω την αληθεια self tan δεν εχω δοκιμασει γιατι φοβαμαι μην βγω με μπαλωματα εδω και εκει(ικανη με εχω) και μετα αντε να τα συμμαζεψω :(

  6. @siabeautyandmakeup: χαχα, δεν τον λες και αβάσιμο φόβο πάντως, εγώ -γκουχου- την έχω πατήσει. Ευτυχώς λίγο τρίψιμο με ένα υγρό μαντηλάκι και φεύγει η περιττή ποσότητα ;)

  7. lovely post natalie !! To Garnier mexri stigmis maresi para poli !! :) xo

  8. axx kalokairaki! maresei polu to antiliako ts garnier!

  9. @glittermeup: thanks so much doll! Me too! :D

    @FashionSugarBubbles: ευχαριστώ πολύ κουκλίτσα! Κι εμένα :)

  10. I'm so excited to try the Body Shop's shimmering oil...It looks like what I need)

  11. Oh girl, you're gonna make me get that shimmering oil from the Body Shop! Just when I thought I didn't need this in my life, then I read you post and I reconsider... :/

  12. @Evi: ooops, sorry! :D But it's sooo pretty I can't resist!


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