• Essie nail polish swacthes

Hi lovelies!
It's been a long long long long time since I did a pure nail polish post!

These are the Essie nail polishes I bought a while ago.

Top line L-R are the minis: Meet Me At Sunset, Smooth Sailing, Braziliant, Super Bossa Nova (summer 2011 Braziliant collection)
Bottom, full size: Navigate Her (spring 2012 Navigate Her collection)

Smooth Sailing: a medium blue with silver shimmer. I like it more than I expected, it's a very interesting colour. A little dull without top coat but I like it, maybe I should also try it with matt top coat.

Navigate Her: a creme dusty light green. Such a fresh spring-y colour, I love it!

 Meet Me At Susnet: dark tangerine, almost impossible to photograph! The colour is more accurate on the bottle. It even looks coral-ish in the sun in real life.

...which is why I decided to stamp over it with pastel orange. Now it looks perfect, pure deep tangerine colour. I used China Glaze Peachy Keen for stamping. I prefer this colour for pedicure, not that I don't like it on finger nails of course! But on toe nails it looks perfect :D
 Super Bossa Nova: a fuchsia with silver and fuchsia shimmer. Very interesting and girly colour. I like it more than I expected. The ring finger is an Essence polish from Crystalliced limited edition.

Braziliant: orange with fuchsia and silver shimmer. This colour was the reason I wanted the whole collection but I have to say it didn't live up to my expectations. The formula is not that great. It's a tiny bit streaky and it left some bubbles as you can see in the second photo. Plus, it's dull without the top coat and I don't think I'd like it matt.

You can see the fuchsia shimmer in the bottle here. Both photos are taken indoors because outdoors my camera picks up the fuchsia shimmer and makes it neon! LOL!

 Super Bossa Nova and Braziliant. See? This is the least neon-ish photo I managed to take outdoors.

My favourite ones are Navigate Her and Meet Me At The Sunset. Second favourite ones are Smooth Sailing and Super Bossa Nova. For me it's a shame that the whole collection is named after Braziliant because it's my least favourite among them.

I know that my camera and photos are not the best but the more swatches available the better, right?
Do you have any of these shades? Any that you fell in love with?

In case you are wondering, I bought them from this eBay seller and I'm happy with the seller, the polishes were carefully packed and secured.


  1. Amazing colors. I like them all!

  2. Τέλεια όλα! Το navigate her το εχω και γω..πολύ ιδιαίτερο χρώμα! Στο blog μου http://inbeautywonderland.blogspot.gr/
    σε περιμένει βραβειάκι!

  3. twra dhd pali me kseshkwneis k exoun kleisei k ta magazia..... ntroph....

    einai ola yperoxa!!!!!!!

  4. όλα πολύ όμορφα!κι εγω το navigate her ηθελα αλλα τελικα πηρα to gargantuan green grape της opi με την προσφορα που ειχαν τα sephora!

  5. lovely colors, Smooth Sailing and Meet Me At Susnet are my favorite two :-D

  6. I really love the first two.

  7. @Mateja: :D thanks for stopping by doll!

    @Beauty wonderland: δεν είναι; Ω, ευχαριστώ πολύ!!

    @CuteandGirlyDMS: ντρέπομαι, ντρέπομαι! χιχι! Φιλιά πολλάααα!

    @Stella: αχ, δεν έχω δοκιμάσει ΟΡΙ και θέλω πολύ!!

    @nail crazy: smooth sailing is very interesting indeed :D

    @Taya: me too :D thanks so much doll!

  8. Πολύ όμορφα όλα και ειδικά το μανικιούρ με τι στάμπα υπέροχος συνδιασμός

  9. Πολύ όμορφα χρώματα... Το navigate her μου άρεσε τόσο τόσο πολύ!!!!

  10. Essie polishes and I don't really get along. They chip within a few hours, they apply however they feel like and they don't come cheap here.
    And then they make some great colours and you present them to be sooo gorgeous, and I want them.
    And pif.
    And mouts! :)

  11. Υπέροχα χρώματα!! :)

  12. Το φουξια και πορτοκαλι μου αρεσαν!
    Miss Starshiny

  13. Είναι όλα τόσο όμορφα και καλοκαιρινά!! Love!!! xx Menia

  14. The orange one rocks!


  15. @smugnificent: αλήθεια σου άρεσε; :D Ανέδειξε το χρώμα, αλλιώς φαινόταν πολύ κόκκινο.

    @Angel♥Mary: είναι όντως υπέροχο! :D πολλά φιλιά!!

    @Ria: haha, I believe that not all Essie polishes are great, some are too watery. Luckily, the newest shades have good formula, at least most of them. Thanks sooo much dude, mouts to you too! <3

    @Claire D. T: ευχαριστώ πολύ :))

    @Miss Starshiny: το φούξια είναι πιο ωραίο από ότι περίμενα :)

    @Menia: ευχαριστώ πολύ!! Πολλά φιλάκια!!

  16. Ειναι τέλεια!!! Αυτό το γαλαζιομπλέ το θέεεεεεεεεελω :D

  17. Awww, mini nail polishes are my fave!!! I envy you girl, gawd I must delve into ebay- I'm missing out such amazing products!!!

  18. <navigate her my favorite!

  19. ειναι ολα υπεροχα!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! σου πανε πολυ!!!! αν κ εμενα μου αρεσει πιο πολυ απ'ολα το ροζ!

  20. @Marie: είναι πολύ ωραίο χρωματάκι και αρκετά πρωτότυπο :)

    @Evi: you can find great deals for US made products, they cost too much here! ;)

    @Melody of Beauty: I adore it, it's an amazing colour! Thanks so much for visiting :)

    @CuteandGirlyDMS: ευχαριστώ πολύ γλύκα!! Είναι όμορφο, περισσότερο από ότι περίμενα :)

  21. The green one is my favourite, so beautiful.. I'm addicted to green colours, specially to pastels/mint/turquoise! And I'd love to try Essie, everybody talks so good about this brand *_*

  22. Το δεύτερο είναι υπέροχο χρώμα,πρέπει οπωσδήποτε να το αποκτήσω!

  23. @HariRari: aw, this one is a dusty light green shade, very pretty and unique in my collection! Not all Essie shades are good but luckily in the newest collections most colours are good(pigmented, long lasting, not streaky). Just buy them from ebay because in Europe they cost a lot!

    @Δέσποινα: χαίρομαι πολύ που σου άρεσε! :)

  24. I am in love with navigate her!!!


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