• Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector BB cream review

Hey lovelies! How are you? Happy December with great beauty news...
Finally!! An affordable BB cream that is available in Greece!!
So, what is a BB cream? I know that many of you already know the answer but for those who don't here's the story of the BB creams.
BB cream stands for Blemish Balm cream. It was originally formulated in Germany by Dr Christine Schrammek in the 60s. It was initally used to heal, to soften out and to help fast recovery for patients who have been on surgery. After many years, in 2006, people realized that flawless Korean celebrities skin was not all natural. When they realized that well known Korean actresses and models were using BB creams, everyone wanted to try them! BB creams became very popular because they are basically an all-in-one product, moisturizer, anti-acne, anti-wrinkle, whitening, covering imperfections and protecting from sun damage with high spf.
So the BB trend arrived to the US and Europe and everyone started ordering them from Korea. As far as I know Garnier is the first company that offers affordable BB cream in Europe. I think some other companies already have products that are similar to BB creams but they are high-end/more expensive. That's why I was super happy when I was asked to try and review this Garnier BB cream. To the review now!

It comes in a 50ml beige tube in a box. 50ml is larger than most foundations and Korean BB creams.

02-Light and 03-Medium
Both sides of the box (click to view larger)
The 50ml tube it comes in
Ingredients from the box, click to view larger


 Left to right: 02-Light, 03-Medium

As you can see, two colours were sent to me, 02 light and 03 medium. 02 matches perfectly my skin at the moment, 03 will be great for summer time when I tan a little. Since this is a light coverage product I'm sure most Greek girls will be fine with the colour selection. If you have porcelain skin colour, you may need something lighter than 02. Now, I haven't tried any Korean BB creams yet but I have read in blogs that they sometimes look grey-ish or too yellow. This isn't the case with this one. The undertones are very natural, not grey, not yellow, not pink.

Again, I haven't tried Korean BB creams but I've read that some of them are thick and difficult to blend in. Bloggers usually suggest to wet the brush to help the blending. This is not the case. This cream is very very easy to apply and blend. I've done it with fingers, I've done it with foundation brush and had no problems. When I apply it, my face looks a little oily. But in 2-3min the skin kind of absorbs it (I guess it's the moisturising ingredients) and it looks perfect. It's not a matte finish or dewy finish, it's just natural.

How it works
It's a 5-in-1 product:
- SPF15 protects the skin from UV rays damage
- moisturising and anti-wrinkle ingredients moisturize and protect the skin for 24h
- covers imperfections and fine lines
- mineral colour particles give an even skin tone
- vitamin C gives a natural glow to the skin

Does it really work?
I tested it on the most difficult and uneven part of my face, the side of my chin. Here's the result
Please do not click for larger, I'm really embarrased!! lol! You can see that it covered the small blemishes and redness and gave me a more even skin tone. The biggest blemish still needs concealer but for day time look I wouldn't bother.

It has a nice and fresh smell, the usual Garnier smell if you have tried other Garnier products.

Summary: 5/5
Again, this is the first BB cream I try. I've used it for about a week and I like it very much. On good skin days I only need some concealer on top. If you want more coverage you can apply your regular foundation on top. I don't know if you agree but I have always wanted an all-in-1 face product and I'm very happy that BB creams are exactly that. I mean, using face cream, sunscreen and foundation separately means more time and more money since there are 3 products I have to buy! Anyway, I really like this cream, I had no problem with it, no break outs or anything and I will definitely continue to use it!

Where can you find it-Cost
In Greece: According to the company, during December it will be exclusively available in Hondos Center. From January, it will be available in every beauty store.
Price: €9.99
Everywhere else: Beauty stores that sell Garnier.

What do you think about BB creams in general? Have you tried them? Are you going to try them? I have ordered a couple Korean BB creams so I'll definitely write a post about them.

Disclaimer: products were sent to me for review. Nobody pays me to use or review them. This is my honest opinion.


  1. Oh im getting this sent to me in a acouple of days and cant wait to try it!!! lovely review girl , very informative!!! :) xx

  2. Πολύ ωραίο το review σου. Σε ποιές ηλικίες απευθύνεται η κρέμα;

  3. Great review! Although, all korean bb creams (trust me i have 5-6) come in 50ml and 60ml tubes:)


  4. I've never hurt of BB creams before ... Sounds/looks very intresting ^ ^ If we ever get them I think i may give them a try ^ ^

  5. Natalie να σε ρωτήσω κάτι πριν πάω στα Hondos να αγοράσω κι εγώ με περισσή περιέργεια μια BB cream. Δε βάζεις δηλαδή τίποτα πριν από αυτή έτσι? Ούτε ενυδατική ούτε κάτι άλλο? Είναι δηλαδή σαν ενυδατική με χρώμα? Και όταν επιστρέφεις... ξεβάφεσαι κανονικά σα να φορούσες foundation? Φιλάκια!

  6. πολύ ωραίο review, δεν βλέπω την ωρα να έρθει στην Ελλάδα αυτή η κρέμα!!
    ερωτηση: μπορουμε να βάλουμε πουδρα απο πανω ή θα γινει τιποτα??

  7. @fashion written with a lipstick: Great! Can't wait to read your review!

    @Ελένη: ευχαριστώ πολύ! Σύμφωνα με το κουτί από 20 έως 40-45

    @Anastasia: thanks doll! To tell the truth I haven't seen one of 60ml, which ones do you have?

  8. @Sunny.Smile: I like that they are an all-in-1 product, I hate paying lots of money for a face cream with no spf in it!

    @mariza: Να σου πω αρχικά ότι έχω κανονική-μικτή επιδερμίδα. Την έχω χρησιμοποιήσει με κρέμα από κάτω και χωρίς. Και στις δύο περιπτώσεις δεν μου ξήρανε το δέρμα ούτε ένιωσα πολλή λιπαρότητα. Έχει ενυδατικά στοιχεία, αυτό θα το καταλάβεις γιατί μόλις τη βάλεις δείχνει λιπαρή αλλά σε 2 λεπτά έχει απορροφηθεί. Από εκεί και πέρα αν η επιδερμίδα σου χρειάζεται επιπλέον ενυδάτωση ή αν είναι λιπαρή μπορείς να χρησιμοποιήσεις κρέμα πριν ή πούδρα μετά αντίστοιχα. Το βράδυ ξεβάφομαι, ναι, γιατί έχει χρώμα. Πολλά φιλάκια Μαρίζα μου!!

  9. @Daphne: Ευχαριστώ καλή μου!! Ναι, αμέ. Έχω χρησιμοποιήσει και μια διάφανη και μια mineral για περισσότερη κάλυψη και ήταν καλά και με τις δύο.

  10. Very nice review darling and there's no need to feel embarrassed, you're beautiful inside out :) x

  11. Eimai periergi na to dokimasw! :D


  12. @Stavroula: awww, thanks so much hun!! <3 <3

    @FashionSugarBubbles: thanks for stopping by doll! :D

  13. Γεια σου Ναταλούκο με τις ωραίες φωτογραφίες σου! Σου ορκίζομαι πως δεν ανοιξα την επιμαχη φωτογραφια!!χιχιχ
    Οι απόψεις διίστανται για την συγκεκριμένη bb cream..αλλα μη με ρωτάς περισσότερα...review coming...θελω να δοκιμασω και αυτες που μου έστειλες πρωτα...:P..για να συγκρίνω

  14. I went by Hondos to find it yesterday but I couldn't find it here in Thessaloniki. I'm really excited to give it a try but I worry that light might not be light enough for me in winter

  15. έμαθα οτι σήμερα κυκλοφόρησε στα hondos center, η συγκεκριμένη bb κρέμα..θα την αγοράσω οπωσδήποτε γιατί νομίζω οτι είναι το προ'ι'όν που όλοι περιμέναμε<3

  16. πολυ ωραιο το review.εγω αγορασα προσφατα μια κορεατικη η οποια δεν εχει αποχρωσεις και οπως ειπες τα πρωτα δευτερολεπτα γκριζαρει αλλα μετα γινεται ενα με την επιδερμιδα.την βαζω πανω απο ενυδατικη αλλα μετα δεν χρειαζεται ουτε καν πουρδα.τετοια αψεγαδιαστη επιδερμιδα δεν ειχα ποτε μου.ειμαι πολυ ενθουσιασμενη ομως θα την δοκιμασω και αυτη για να συγκρινω.

  17. Update: έχω νέα!! Η τιμή είναι ακόμα χαμηλότερη, στα 9,99!! Από σήμερα είναι διαθέσιμη στα κεντρικά Χόντος στην Αθήνα, από Δευτέρα και σε όλα τα υπόλοιπα!

  18. @Κερασία: έλα, μη με κοροϊδεύεις! χιχι! Περιμένω με αγωνία τη γνώμη σου, θα κάνω κι εγώ σύκριση και με τις άλλες σίγουρα!

    @smugnificent: I'm sure there will be testers available to try before you buy it. Yes, if you have porcelain skin you may need something lighter. Thanks for stopping by! :D

    @myStickland: χαίρομαι που δεν είμαι η μόνη ενθουσιασμένη! χιχι! Περιμένω τη γνώμη σου, ελπίζω να σου αρέσει!!

    @Rafalena: αλήθεια; Τέλεια, κι εγώ αυτή την αψεγάδιαστη επιδερμίδα θέλω!! Ναι, δοκίμασε να κάνουμε σύγκριση! :D

  19. Looks like we are getting them this month too, so when I save up some money I'll give it a shot ^ ^

  20. @Sunny.Smile: great, can't wait for your review hun! Thanks for visiting! <3

  21. νομιζω οτι αν παω στα hondos ετσι δεν θα τα εξηγησουν!τι στο καλο ολες εχετε παρει δειγμα απο αυτες τις κρεμες? πως το καταφερατε?

  22. teliaaaaaaaa tha paw n tn parwwwwwwwwww :)

  23. I have researched Korean BB creams and most of them are thick and hard to blend in due to them being to fast drying and some them also give you a orange tint rather than a natural looking tint....I can't wait to try the Garnier one, sample in the mail soon!


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