• Christmas nails and a treat!

Hey lovelies!
Yesterday I was working in the morning so I didn't catch the light to show you my Christmas nails. But today, I run home and started photographing! It's more of a winter design, not very Christmas-sy but I still love it! And imagine my surprise when I saw that a fellow beauty blogger came up with a very similar design using the same polishes! Great minds..., I know! hehe! Here's my NOTCD (nails of the Christmas day!)

I used 3 China Glaze nail polishes,
** Blue Year's Eve
** Snow Globe (these two are from this year's holiday collection)
** Sci-fi for stamping the snowflakes
In the pic there is also China Glaze Holiday Berry cuticle oil that smells amazing! I seriously think that China Glaze had the best holiday collection this year, I wanted every single colour!!

And here's the treat I promised you! Yesterday evening I wanted to try the chocolate cupcake recipe I found here. You just need 100gr butter, 75gr flour that rises, 100gr sugar, 2 eggs and 25gr cacao powder and in 15min you have yummy chocolate cupcakes. You can add frosting if you want, I prefer to add Nutella before eating them! :D

I have in mind a cute New Year's mani, stay tuned! Till then, take care and enjoy the holidays! And the cupcakes!


  1. The design is amaaaaaazing zouzouna! Really festive and glam! You could try adding a teaspoon of nutella in the muffins before you bake them ;)

  2. Awwwwww pretty mani sweetie!! :) Ehmmm... pote eipame oti tha vrethoume kai tha fereis k ta cupcakes tis fwto mazi? :D Kales giortes!! x

  3. Kala i love this post !!! The nails are soooo fab and the cupcakes , oh boy... xo

  4. I love your nails - they have such a nice shape , and the mani looks great ^ ^
    And ofcours the cupcakes look yammy, but I have to say what Ria said - try adding nutella before you bake them, they turn out -- yammilucios ^ ^

  5. @Ria: I'll definitelly try it next time! My mouth is watery already!

    @Stavroula: ναι, ναι, tea and cupcake party!! Επίσης αγάπη, να περνάς τέλεια!!

    @glittermeup: thanks soooo much!!! <3 <3

    @Sunny: really? I prefer the square shape but I tend to scratch everyone around me! lol! I'm happy you like it, I'll keep it then :D Oh, yes, I'll try it for sure! Thanks so much! <3

  6. This is one good looking manicure :) and treats looks realy nice too.

  7. Cute manicure! And those cupcakes look delicious, I made chocolate cupcakes too for Christmas dinner, with violet frosting.. I adore them! xD

  8. @Mateja: Thanks very much doll!! :D

    @HariRari: Thanks sweety! Violet frosting, oooh sounds pretty and yummy! :D

  9. Love the nail art! Snow Globe is such an awesome polish!

  10. Xronia polla Natalouko!!! Latreuw to mple xrwma sta nyxia..egw simera exw ena karakokkino tis fwtias me mpoliko glitter!!! Kai nai eimai sti douleia...how kits is that????xaxaxax

  11. I love that shade of blue! They look amazing!

  12. @The Peach: thank you!! It is, right? Especially on top of dark polishes it looks like magic!

    @Κερασία: χρόνια πολλά καλή μου!! Μια χαρά σε βρίσκω, το επιβάλλει η γιορτινή ατμόσφαιρα!

    @Sarah: thanks a lot!!

  13. Χρονια πολλα και καλα!
    Το glitter της china glaze τι ωραιο!
    Επισης το σχεδιακι με το χιονι ειναι γλυκουλι!
    Miss Starshiny

  14. Teleia nyxia!! Apla fantastika! Exoume ena katasthma China Glaze edw sth Thessaloniki alla den exw mpei mesa pote. An mporouses na mou peis poso peripou kostizei mia aplh oza 8a htan teleia, ntrepomai na mpw gia na eleg3w mono times >.<

  15. Τέλειο το σχεδιάκι total χριστουγεννιάτικο!!! Και εμένα μου άρεσαν πάρα πολύ τα γιορτινά CG το twinkle lighths δεν το αποχωρίζομαι με τίποτα!!!

  16. @Miss Starshiny: χρόνια πολλά κουκλίτσα!! Ευχαριστώ πολύ πολύ, τα φιλιά μου!

    @Exon: Σε ευχαριστώ πολύ για τα καλά σου λόγια! :D Σου έστειλα μήνυμα ;)

    @Demi: αχ, ναι, το ήθελα και αυτό, είναι τόσο όμορφη όλη η συλλογή!!

  17. Είναι κατακπληκτικό!!! Περιμένω το επόμενο!!!
    Χρόνια Πολλά!!!


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