• March Favourites

Hi dolls! I'm very sorry I haven't posted anything lately but I am dealing with internet connection problems, arghh, it's so frustrating! Anyway, here are the products I've been using and loving the past month. If you'd like swatches or review of any of them please let me know with a comment :)

Face cream: Oriflame Optimals Balance Day Gel SPF8
Eye cream: The Body Shop Vitamin E eye cream (review here)
Night cream: The Body Shop Vitamin E moisture cream (not in the photo but you can find photos and review here)

Make up
Under eye Concealer: Garnier Roll-on anti-dark circles
Foundation: Essence Clear & matt make-up in 03sand (it's not in the photo because it's almost over so I put the leftovers in a small plastic jar)
Powder: Essence Pure Mineral powder make-up in 02soft sand: this is a mineral foundation but I use it on top of the liquid foundation for a more natural finish and for more coverage
Blush: Essence Mineral powder blush 2in1 in 04best friends
Mascara: Oriflame Power Curl mascara in Brown
Lipstick: Oriflame Colour Attraction lipstick in Baby Beige (swatches here)

Oriflame base coat: I've been using dark polishes a lot and with this my nails are completely stain-free
and healthy looking.
Essense 10 in 1 miracle nails mostly as a top coat

Have a very happy and sunny month!


  1. Nice post!!! love the background at the pictures! =)
    Do you find Essence Pure Mineral powder make-up to have a good coverage?
    Happy April!

  2. Lovely favourites!
    My sister raves about the Body Shop's Vit E face cream and eye cream, all Vit E products smell soooo good! I'm currently using the soap bar from the Vit E range to cleanse my face and I can already put it among my top 3 facial cleansers!

  3. @cbsg5861: It's been many years since the last time I used soap bar to wash my face but I'd like to try this one.

    @Argyro: Thanks, it's a tote bag from Skondras accessories. :) Medium coverage alone, with foundation it's very good. I think all minerals are medium coverage. Unfortunately I can't find this one any more but e.l.f. has affordable mineral foundation too.

  4. @Thumby11: thanks girl! :)

  5. Ωραία ανάρτηση!! Μου άρεσε και μένα το φόντο στις φωτογραφίες!!
    Σκούρα νυχάκια τελευταία ε;;
    Η βάση πιστεύω αν είναι καλή τα προστατεύει 100%!!

  6. @Μοντέρνα Σταχτοπούτα: βασικά αυτά είναι τα αγαπημένα των τελευταίων 2-3 μηνών, εξου και τα σκούρα νύχια, τώρα έχω πάει σε πιο ανοιχτά. :) Καλή μου βγήκε αυτή και δεν το περίμενα. Πολλά φιλιά, ευχαριστώ για το σχόλιο :)

  7. Xm... twra to da auto to post (o blogger mou ta xei pai3ei kana 2mhno kai de deixnei ta misa. pouf!).
    Skeftomai na parw kai egw to Garnier Roll-on.Einai arketa kaluptiko?kai to basikotero, exei apoxrwseis h einai one fits all?
    To kragion einai panemorfo!

  8. @Ria: To Garnier roll-on einai kalo ws concealer alla oxi ws eye cream. Emena mou aresei giati menei poly xwris na mazevei stis grammes kai me kalyptei mia xara. Me tis apoxrwseis eixa ena berdema ki egw giati kapoia egrafan apoxrwsh, kapoia oxi. An 8ymamai kala phra to light beige. Thanks for stopping by! Maaats!

  9. Ax ti omorfo to fonto! :) Kane se parakalw review/swatch to rouzaki tis Essence k to roll-on tis Garnier! ;) x

  10. @Stavroula: thanks doll! ok, I will :D

  11. Nice selection of products Natalie and great blog :) keep it up xxx

  12. hello,I just found your blog.It's very cute.Where do you get the essence cosmetics? I found 2 stores in Salonica, but now I am in Athens and can't track them down

  13. Hi andreana! Thanks doll! Beautycom stores and online shop(http://www.beautycom.gr/jbrandindex.asp) sell them.


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