• Color Contact Lenses from Alensa

I've been thinking about trying color contact lenses lately. You see, I've been using contact lenses every day for the last 10 years for my near-sightedness (myopia) so why not have some fun with it? So when Αlensa.gr
asked to send me a pair of lenses to try I said yes! Αlensa.gr is the greek part of a big e-shop for contact lenses, I'm sure you can find your country among the ones they deliver to! Just check the top of the website and find your country.

Here are the products I received, TopVue Color lenses in shade Green. The box contains a pair of lenses that last up to 30 days after opening. What's special about these lenses is that they are made of hydrogel material, which is enriched by sodium hyaluronate. Thanks to this effective lubricant, contact lenses are highly hydrated and provide great comfort while wearing.

Regarding the color, as you can see, there are 3 shades of green. The darkest "ring" makes eyes appear bigger and the honey shade in the center blends nicely with brown eyes.

And here's the crazy photo so you can see the color lenses in different lighting. I personally believe they are very close to natural green-hazel eyes. In real life only people that know me too well noticed that my eyes look different, the result is very natural, yet so much prettier than my plain brown eyes! They are very comfortable to wear and even spend many hours in front of my laptop. Plus they are quite affordable so I really have nothing bad to say till now.

Do you wear contact lenses? Colored or regular ones?


  1. Wow!love the result!
    But even without lenses your eyes are so beautiful!

  2. Thanks so much Helena!! I'm so happy you liked it :D

  3. oh I would love to try colored lenses but I wear toric ones and those aren't made in color. But my eyes are so blue that people often think I have colored lenses. But I could I would try green on purple ones./love Ida

  4. Thanks for your comment Ida! Oh I love blue eyes, your eyes are soooo pretty! I'd like to try purple ones too, they won't look natural but it'd fun! :D


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