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Hi dolls!
I know I know, the title is so cheesy but hey, Valentine's Day is close and The Fifty Shades of Grey premiere is close and I couldn't resist! Plus, I realized I have quite a few red lipsticks and I thought I'd share. Just in case you are still looking for your perfect red.

I love the consistency and longlasting effect of the Golden Rose velvet matte lipsticks, no 15 has orange undertones whereas 17 is a cool-toned red. Oriflame lip pencil is dry and I regret buying it whereas the Essence lip pencil is amazing, soft and pigmented and it doesn't dry out my lips. Clinique's chubby stick is a tomato-red shade and it's very moisturising so perfect for day make up. The YSL lipstick is a mini size I got as a gift with a magazine. It's such a pretty red shade, applies beautifully and smells so nice I definitely want to buy the full size one day! Essence no.14 is relatively new and it has a matte finish and lasts for many hours. Good quality for a good price.

The Golden Rose lipstick is a classic red creme. Lovie is more vivid and although I love the consistency and lasting power, this is the old crappy packaging and I need to replace it asap. Essence xxxl lipgloss is more of a lip cream and I like pairing it with Femme Fatale lip pencil for better lasting power. MUA lipstick is very cheap, a red creme. Sephora lipstain is -awww- love! It's the most beautiful bright red that lasts for many hours and smells like caramel, I could literally wear it every single day! Last but not least, Essence lip cream was from a limited edition named guerilla gardening. Its consistency is similar to the Essence lipgloss but the colour is an orange-red, very similar to MAC Lady Danger.

Thank God I don't literally own fifty of them, just thirteen. Which is still a big number but let's pretend we didn't see that, ok? And since I told you I can't resist a little cliche today, have you seen the Fifty Shades of Grey trailer?

So, tell me, which is your fav red lippy?
How do you feel about Valentine's Day and the whole Fifty Shades of Grey phenomenon?


  1. Sweet Jesus that YSL looks amazing <3
    I'm not that into red lips, they scare me :'( I'm more of a nude, pink, and berry lip :) Recently I got a GR velvet matte lip stick, when they said matte, they mean freaking matte LOL! <3
    I'm not a Vday kind of girl, and I'm still refusing to know anything about 50 shades of gray, such a rebel LOL <3

  2. @Glee Tree: I'm preparing a dark-lips post, I think you'll like it more ;) I'm not that much of a romantic soul too but any chance to exchange gifts and do themed manis is okay for me LOL

  3. Καλέ τι όμορφα κόκκινα είναι αυτά! Τη σειρά με τα Essence πρέπει να την δοκιμάσω κάποια στιγμή, φαίνεται πολύ λαχταριστό :)

  4. @Lila Amanatidou: χιχιχι να το δοκιμάσεις, καλό και οικονομικό ;)


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