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** Αυτή η ανάρτηση είναι μόνο στα αγγλικά. Εδώ η ελληνική εκδοχή της μαζί με τη γνώμη και την εμπειρία της Μαίρης :D

I was given the chance (thanks Marie!) to try the Lierac Prescription line. Lierac Prescription is designed for every skin need so you can find products to match your skin whether it's super dry or oily or sensitive or anything in between!

Here are all the products that were given to me to try out. The "test period" was 28 days and I only used these products for skin care during this period. Let's see them one by one.

Lierac Prescription soothing & balancing micellar solution
This is a micellar water. I was supposed to use it in the morning to clean my face and in the evening to remove make up and clean my face as well. I absolutely love it! It is the most gentle micellar water I've ever tried. I used it while wearing contact lenses and it didn't irritate my eyes, I'm so impressed! I thought my skin was going to feel heavy and "dirty" if I didn't use a foam cleanser but it didn't! I really like the way it cleanses the skin while being super gentle and perfect for sensitive skin. I used it up and I will definitely buy it again!

Lierac Prescription soothing & balancing priming serum
First thing I noticed is the huge quantity. The bottle contains 50ml and I don't think I've seen a face serum that big, they usually carry no more than 30ml. The serum itself has the usual watery-gel consistency and a white-clear colour. It sinks in my skin pretty easily but I can feel the hydration. I used it for my under eye area (I'm not sure if I'm supposed to but I wanted to try it) and it felt great as well. Lightweight and moisturising, it's exactly what I expect from a face serum. I haven't finished it yet so I'll continue using it.

Lierac Prescription soothing & balancing comfort cream
This cream is not as lightweight as I'd expect, yet my skin seems to absorb it immediately. One day I skipped it and applied just the serum and by noon I could feel the skin around my mouth dry and dehydrated. So this cream works great with the serum. One thing I noticed after some time is the packaging. There is a plastic bag inside the glass container and it also has a pump meaning that it's airtight and perfect for very sensitive-prone to allergies skin. I even tried it after hair removal, because by this time my skin is super sensitive, and I have to say it passed with A+! Great face cream! I thing I'll need a more lightweight face cream during summer though, luckily, there is a cream like that from Lierac Prescription so I'm gonna look out for it.

Lierac Prescription soothing & balancing compact tinted cream
Before reading the "tinted cream" part of its name, I thought it was going to be a full coverage, heavy foundation. This is not the case here. It has little coverage and it gives my skin a dewy finish, I feel like it's even moisturising. I use it during days I'm running errands in the neighbourhood or when going to the gym and things like that and I like it this way. I wouldn't wear it on a normal day though because I prefer a good coverage with matte finish product. If you have dry and sensitive skin without imperfection this will work for you, otherwise not that much.

Have you tried the Lierac Prescription?
Which product would you like to try?

*items were given to me for free
this doesn't affect my opinion


  1. Τα Lierac ανέκαθεν τα είχα στο νου μου για "καλά", βλέπω πως γίνονται ακόμη καλύτερα , με σειρές εξειδικευμένες.

  2. Πολύ ωραίο Post πραγματικά!
    Από τα προϊόντα που παρουσίασες περισσότερο μου άρεσε η Lierac Prescription soothing & balancing comfort cream!!
    Νομίζω θέλω να τη δοκιμάσω αν είναι όντως τόσο καλή!
    φιλιά xxx

  3. Εγω τα αγαπησα κ μου εφτιαξαν κ καποια μικροπροβληματακια που ειχα.

    1. @MaRy Michaelidou: μπορώ να πω ότι ηρέμησε αρκετά η εποδερμίδα μου, σίγουρα θέλω να δοκιμάσω και τη σειρά για μικτή επιδερμίδα!
      Πολλά φιλιά!!

  4. @Ελένη Κερσένογλου: το ίδιο κι εγώ και χάρηκα που αυτή η σειρά δε με απογοήτευσε! Μπορείς και να συνδυάσεις προϊόντα για να σου ταιριάξουν απόλυτα, για παράδειγμα μια κρέμα για λιπαρή επιδερμίδα με το σέρουμ και το νεράκι καθαρισμού που είναι πολύ απαλά και ελαφριά. Φιλιά πολλά!!

    @Marina cometomybdr: ομολογώ ότι ήταν η πρώτη φορά που χρησιμοποίησα με τόση συνέπεια προϊόντα! Αν έχεις ευαίσθητη επιδερμίδα πιστεύω ότι θα σου ταιριάξει, μου άρεσε πολύ και η συσκευασία που δεν αφήνει να παίρνει αέρα, μειώνει πολύ τον κίνδυνο αλλεργίας-ευαισθησίας. Πολλά φιλιά!!

  5. I found the Lierac Tinted Creme Compact at a discounted price at a TJMaxx and decided to give it a try. I am 45 and Asian with a medium tan complexion. My skin is also sensitive with hormonal acne that I constantly struggle with. All I have to say is I love this! My skin looks healthy and natural. I hope they never stop making this, as I am hooked.

  6. @Anonymous: I'm so happy you liked it :D


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