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Hello dolls!
I love summer so much and the last couple summers have been too short for me due to working and studying. So before I kiss this summer goodbye I thought I'd share with you my favourite products for the last couple months.

Put on your lipstick and let's go out for cocktails
For make up I liked the neutral eyes-bright lips trend. For the eye make up I used my Urban Decay Naked and my Too Faced Natural at Night palettes. The Too Faced one is relatively new, a gift from a sweet friend, swatches coming soon.
My most-used colours from Naked are the ones with the tiny hearts. Virgin as highlight, Buck to define the crease and Darkhorse for the outer corner and maybe the lower lashline if I wanted a more dramatic look. From Natural at Night, the colour that impressed me the most was Spotlight. It's a matte yellow-beige and it's perfect as a matte highlight because it hides those tiny veins. Cocoa Star is a lovely chocolate brown and I used it to warm up my eye make up.
And here are some swatches of the Lovie lipsticks I loved this summer. More swatches and review coming soon. I love pink, red and orange lips!

You can leave your splash on
In hot summer days heavy fragrances are a no-no for me! So body sprays/body splashes saved me and people around me from suffocating.
Oriflame Nature Secrets Body Mist in mint & raspberry: fresh and fruity scent, I have the shower gel from the same line and I like to use them together.
Avon Naturals cherry blossom body spray: it's a little heavier than I expected but I still like it.
The Body Shop Vanilla body mist: the classic vanilla scent in a lighter version.
Victoria's Secret Secret Craving fragrance mist: I don't think these are available in greek stores so when I saw the huge colourful Victoria's Secret display at the airport I had to have one!
H&M Exotic Guava and Lime Coconut body splash: nothing too special about them, they are cheap and they come is small bottles, perfect for throwing in the suitcase.

Face sprays are a girl's best friend
Especially during hot summer days! A bottle of water and one of these guys were always in my bag.
The Body Shop Vitamin E face mist* and Avene Eau Thermale*

I swear by the Gods, the old and the new
Meaning the old* and new Garnier BB* creams. I was using the new one but the colour was too light and Ria suggested I mixed them together. The result: this non-oily-glow-from-within-skin I've always dreamed about! The lesson: if you love two things try mixing them! (non applicable to boys, sorry)
Sun rays in your hair
Hair trend: Balayage. These are highlights but more natural ones. To create this look you don't use foils, you paint the hair strands and use some cotton to prevent the strands from touching. You look like a Christmas tree but the result is very natural and pretty. If you have light hair you'll have a similar effect by using lemon or chamomile juice in your hair while in the sun. You'd better search about it though because I've never tried it and lemon juice may make your hair dry.

Orange county nails
You probably noticed, I went orange-o-holic this summer as far as nails are concerned. Here are my favourite ones.
Erre Due No.184, Essie Meet me at Sunset, Braziliant, Fear or Desire

What products did you enjoy the most during this summer? What colours did you rock?

Products marked with * are PR samples


  1. ahahahahaha i died from laughter after reading the mixing two thing- but-not-boys-joke! love your favourites and i must say we have pretty much similar taste! lovely post hun :) xx

  2. I love neutral colors too, can never go wrong with it:)kisses from Malaysia:)new follower xoxo

  3. axxx ti teleia agapimena pou exeis !!eidika i skies maresan poli :)

  4. τελεια ολα! εχεις μια πολυ ενδιαφερουσα συλλογη απο mists <3
    αυτο το vitamin c που ειδαμε θα το παρω το εχω βαλει στο ματι!
    εξυπνο να αναμειξεις τις 2 ΒΒ αφου εχεις κ ανοιχτο δερμα ;)

  5. @fashion written with a lipstick: too bad, isn't it? LOL I'm happy you like them! :D

    @Fabulous Aimee: so true! I used to think neutrals wash me out but I just needed to find the right shades! Many kisses, thanks for following! xoxo

    @glittermeup: Νομίζω η Naked 2 είναι ακόμα καλύτερη :))

    @caramellitsa: ναι, το θέλω κι εγώ το vitamin c!! Είναι ωραίες μαζί οι δύο ΒΒ και το χρώμα μου ταίριαξε ακριβώς :) Φιλάκια πολλά!!

  6. Αυτή η παλέττα είναι τέλεια.http://nailsartgr.blogspot.gr/

  7. @Nails Art Design Greece: ευχαριστώ πολύ, χαίρομαι που σου άρεσε :)

  8. υπέροχα αγαπημένα! bye bye summer! ;)

  9. I MUST try the "matte" bb cream!!

  10. @Argyrousa: thanks love! I'm sad but you know what? Winter can be pretty awesome too! Right?

    @Athina: it has more coverage and a natural-matte finish, really good product :)

  11. ωωω essie σε πορτοκαλι αποχρωσεις!καλοκαιρι μην φευγεις :(((

  12. τελεια τα αγαπημενα σου!το 70% απο αυτα ειναι και τα δικα μου!Καλο φθινοπωρο με νεα αγαπημενα προιοντα.

  13. ti panemorfa ola!


  14. @Stella: εγώ θα συνεχίσω να τα φοράω!

    @Rafalena: ωραία :)) Καλό φθινόπωρο κουκλίτσα!

    @FashionSugarBubbles: thanks luv!! kisses!

  15. να σε ρωτήσω... είσαι ευχαριστημένηα από το facemist του body shop?

  16. @T the Beauty Queen ex.Βeauty Εditor: πάρα πολύ, τώρα είμαι στο δεύτερο μπουκάλι. Μου αρέσει το άρωμα, ενυδατώνει, σταθεροποιεί το μακιγιάζ και έχει σωστό δοσομετρητή :)

  17. μόλις είδα ότι έχουμε την ίδια παλετούλα της too faced!! τι υπέροχα τα χρώματα των κραγιόν και τα πορτοκαλί βερνίκιαα!!! -B twogirlsshare.blogspot.gr

  18. @H+B: χαίρομαι πολύ που σου άρεσαν!! Πολλά φιλάκια!


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