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Hi beauties!
Just a quick post to share with you the products I've finished lately.

  1. Essence soft touch mousse make up in 01 matt sand: I like this one, it's good for combination to oily skin and it really gives a matt result. Just don't apply powder on top because it'll look cakey. It's a mousse so you can also use it as concealer with your fingers. I always apply it with my fingers. I've tried foundation brush and flat kabuki brush but I can't make them work with this foundation. Compared to Essence Stay all day long-lasting make up this doesn't contain that much product. I recommend it but only if you don't have dry skin or dry patches.
  2. Essence Studio Nails Better Than Gel Nails Top Sealer: another bottle of my beloved top coat is finished and I using my last one now. I'm not gonna say how much I love it, I've already said it here. Best top coat ever!
  3. Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser: I have already reviewed this here and my opinion is still the same, I really like it. The only problem I found is that you can't see how much product is left! Although it's a bit pricey I want to buy it again in the future.
  4. The Body Shop Coconut Body Butter: I've reviewed this product a looong time ago here and I still love it during winter. For summer I've bought The Body Shop Sweet Lemon Body Lotion which is very light-feeling and refreshing-smelling. In the winter I will definitely go back to it or other Body Shop Body Butters, they have become my go-to winter body care products.
  5. Apivita cleansing 3 in 1 cleansing milk face & eyes: I believe this is a travel size, I got it as gift with a magazine. It's lovely! I cleans without irritating my eyes, you know I cannot use products that sting my eyes. I'm not sure how much it costs but I want to buy a couple of them for travelling. 99% natural ingredients, mineral oil free, silicone free, propylen glycol free and water is replaced with organic green tea infusion as you can see in the back.

Ahhh, it feels nice when you finish some products, doesn't it? If only there was more make up here like eyeshadows and lipglosses! I don't know if I'll ever be able to finish one of these, I have so many and they seem to never finish! LOL!

What products have you finished lately? Will you repurchase?

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  1. Ain't makeup products so, so hard to use up? If only you could finish an old lipgloss in a month, that would be swell!


  2. Love posts like this! Really like the sound of the apvita cleanser. I'm nearly out of my Liz Earle stuff, I don't want it to end!x

  3. Wow! Mπράβο! Μα να μην μπορώ να καταφέρω ποτέ να τελείωσω κάποιο...

  4. I love the sight of empty bottles and tubes!! :) x

  5. Κι εγώ το body butter το τελείωσα και πήρα καινούριο. Το αγαπώ!!!

  6. @Evi: They are!! I believe it's almost impossible to finish a lipgloss, I mean, impossible for make up addicts LOL! But I'll try :)

    @Georgia: It's really nice and perfect for travelling ;) I loved my Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish!

    @PrincesaGr: άσε, κι εγώ τα ίδια. Θα βάλω σκοπό να τελειώσω καμιά σκία ή lipgloss αν και μου φαίνεται αδύνατο!

    @Stavroula @drugstoreandbargainlover : hehehe, me too! :D

    @Marie: κι εγώ, έχει γίνει all time favourite! :)

  7. koita sumptwsh teleiwsa k gw to body butter kai phra to lemoni p einai nomizw pws einai akoma pio wraio!!!filakia!!!!!!


  8. Έχω δοκιμάσει της Apivita και μου άρεσε πραγματικά :)

  9. Την κοινή μας αγάπη για το top την ξέρεις ήδη ε; Φιλάκιαααα

  10. ti wrea pou fenontai otan ta agorazeis alla k otan teliwnoun..niw8eis anakoufisi pou den edwses tzampa xrimata! ;)

    Min ksexaseis na pareis meros ston diagwnismo mou!


  11. Το Apivita cleansing 3 in 1 cleansing milk face & eyes δεν μου άρεσε καθόλου!!! Δεν καθάριζε το πρόσωπο και αναγκαζόμουν να επαναλάβω τον καθαρισμό ξανά και ξανά...Θέλω πολύ να δοκιμάσω το Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser και θα το κάνω απο Φθινόπωρο...Εγώ σπάνια καταφέρνω να τελειώσω προϊόντα.Όλα και κάτι καινούργιο αγοράζω και μου μένουν όλα περίπου στη μέση...;o)) XXX

  12. @sylvie: είναι πιο δροσερό, τέλειο για καλοκαίρι! Πολλά φιλιά!!

    @Claire D. Τ.: και βολικό για διακοπές ;) Φιλάκια!

    @Ελένη Κερσένογλου missticklemepink.blogspot: ω, ναι! Περιμένω τα καινούρια μου μπουκαλάκια :))

    @FashionSugarBubbles: ναι! Νιώθεις ικανοποίηση ότι πήρες κάτι που άξιζε! Χαίρομαι που με καταλαβαίνετε, fellow beauty addicts! <3

    @elena♥elenas finds♥: κρίμα! Να το δοκιμάσεις, μου άρεσε πολύ! Μεγάλη αλήθεια, δεν ξέρω πώς θα καταφέρω να τελειώσω κάτι από μακιγιάζ!

  13. I finished the apivita one last month as well! lasted too long for a magazine gift!! don't think I'll buy it again though.. left my face feeling oily..


  14. @chgeorgina: It did, right? hmmm, Elena (just above) said the same, I guess it's better for dry skin. I have normal to combination skin and I didn't notice oiliness but every skin is different of course. Thanks a lot for stopping by!


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