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Hi beauties!
I decide to share with you some exciting beauty news that have arrived in my mail!

For the first time, Stella McCartney matches her signature fragrance to the runway. STELLA The Print Collection is three, limited-edition models of STELLA Eau de Parfum. Each facetted, the 30 ml bottle is dressed in a floral print from the Stella McCartney 2011 Spring Collection. Bold flowers, modern interpretations of vintage botanical prints, appear painted on each dress and bottle. Each is feminine and naturally seductive. Precious collector editions that go everywhere you go, to evoke the fresh radiance of spring. In the air, the captivating fragrance of STELLA.

STELLA, the first fragrance created by Stella McCartney, was inspired by a rose. A rose in full bloom, releasing an unforgettable scent. STELLA captures all the beauty and fragility of this moment of perfection and gives it a bright, modern edge. Fresh rose essence and vibrant mandarin fuse with a natural, feminine heart of peony and rose absolute. Sensual amber creates the perfect contrast to the femininity of the rose. An iconic fragrance found in each exclusive Print Collection bottle.

On STELLA the fragrance: “I gave the perfumer an old picture of a rose. Imagine the most beautiful flower that is just on its way out, the flower head so heavy and its petals so loose that if you touch it, it collapses. I wanted to capture that beauty and fragility. That moment of perfection.”

On The Print Collection: "Spring is my favourite time of year, everything is alive again and growing and I feel like the botanical prints really reflect that." "I was inspired by painted portraits of flowers and wanted to contain them into botanical prints on fabrics; we used anemones, tulips, and a mixed group."

I love the printed bottles, especially the purple one, what do you think? For more photos and info, "like" the facebook page. Please comment below to tell me if you'd like to see more posts like this in the future.
Be safe, have fun!

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  1. Love the prints. Ωστόσο να το κάνω το σχόλιο μου στην κυρία Στέλλα;;; Πολύ ανοιξιάτικη ρε παιδάκι μου...Καλη η εμπνευση απο τη κολεξιόν της, αλλά είμαστε κ στο φθινόπωρο. Τα εσώρουχα όμως ΑΠΑΙΧΤΑ!

  2. The 3rd bottle, the purple one is amazing!!! Really interesting post! I would love to see more!!! ;)

  3. Μου άρεσαν πολύ!! Τα λουλούδια θα παιξουν πολύ φέτος το Φθινόπωρο και στα ρούχα!!

  4. wow! do you recognise me? i'm rikibubu of beauty friends! haahaaha i'm following you right now!

  5. the bottles looks gorgeous, the third one is my favorite :-D

  6. Thank you lovelies! I'm glad you like them!

    @Miriam Pujals: thank you doll! <3

    @nail crazy: me too, it's sooo pretty!


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