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This is a requested post because I'm not sure if people generally like haul posts. Do you like haul posts or do you find them boring? Please tell me with a comment, I'd love to read your opinion.

So, some time ago E.L.F. UK offered the huge 50% off. Unfortunately, many products were out of stock but there were still plenty of things I wanted so I placed an order. Here's what I got.

* Lip Stain in Birthday Suit I like lipstains and I have wanted to try the e.l.f. ones for a long time. This is a girly pink coloured one and I'm happy I got this colour because I already have lip stains in darker colours. I've read that they last well if you Don't apply the clear gloss on top. I'll try and tell you my opinion.

* Mineral eyeshadow primer I already have the basic line one and I'm very satisfied. After reading that they are very similar quality-wise I thought I'd go for the less chemical/parabens/etc one. I now have all 3 of e.l.f. eye primers so I can do a compare and contrast post if you'd like it.

* Natural Radiance Blusher in Glow and Bronzed I already have 3 colours of these and they are good, very pigmented. Only problem is they are very soft and they can break easy as Glow did during delivery. I could send an email to e.l.f. customer service, they are always very helpful but since I can fix it with some drops of alchohol it's ok. In fact I just did, I left it to air dry now. :)

* Luscious liquid lipstick in Baby lips Another light pink lip product. I want to see the pigmentantion of this one, I believe it's better that the other e.l.f. basic line lipglosses.

* Tinted moisturiser spf 20 in Sand (medium skintones with pink undertones) This shade is a little darker than my skin but since I use high spf for face and I don't get tan I can use some colour. ;) This is a new product for e.l.f. uk and I have wanted to try it since it was available.

* Nail polish in Desert Haze A grey-nude shade. I like these shades because they fit everywhere (formal or casual meeting) and they match every outfit and make up look.

* Studio Line Contour Brush I wanted a small round brush to smudge the eye pencil but this one is bigger than I thought. It's smaller that the basic line blending brush but it's still big for eye pencil I think. Anyway, I don't mind one more blending brush as they are so useful.

My sister got Nail polish in Fire Coral, Basic Line Eyeshadow Brush and Wet gloss lash and brow clear mascara.
I also ordered a Lipstick(basic line) in Fantasy for my mum as she wanted a lipstick with no pink undertones in it. This is a medium nude brown creme.

If you'd like swatches and reviews of the items please tell me :D Did you buy anything from e.l.f. recently? They have great offers these days.


  1. nice haul :-D
    waiting for some swatches and review ;-)

  2. Great post you have some great stuff there. I didn't place an order this time around as i'm trying to use up alot of my elf products. Bummer when things turn up broken. Loving your blog :)

  3. I also placed an order and was totally bummed that many products were out of stock :( Still, I'll do a mini-haul on what I got and loved too. The thing about hauls is that some people tend to see them as a way of bragging or just plain boring..I certainly don't feel the same way..I guess you have to really have a beauty blogger's mentality to really get the whole idea..hauls are not meant to show off, they are meant to showcase new products or just give new ideas to like-minded people..

  4. I have to say that in general I like haul posts because they give me ideas on what to buy and make me familiar with products!

  5. I don't find hauls boring!You have a beauty blog hello haul is a part of it I think! I've never bought something from elf I don't know why maybe I haven't found THE product! Lovely haul doll!

  6. @nail crazy: sure doll, thanks for stopping by!

    @BeautybyPaula: Luckily it was easily fixed. If you ever have a problem with e.l.f. email the customer service, they are usually really helpful!

    @iliana: I know, blush&bronzer duo will remain in my wishlist :( I agree with you, thanks a lot for your lovely comment!

  7. @Y: Thanks for the feedback hun, if you want swatches or review on any item, feel free to ask! <3

    @Demi: I plan to do some reviews, stay tuned! Kisses doll!

  8. Yeah..blush&bronzer must be their no1 product to sell out always..I soooo wanted that! Next time I guess! I am also happy to have found your blog!!! :)x

  9. exo akousei idiaitera kala logia g ta elf!!!poli logikes times k kali poiotita!!!kapoia stigmi 8a ta dokimaso,to mono sigouro!!!:D


  10. @iliana: thanks so much hun! :)

    @fashionable.gr: αλήθεια είναι, έχουν καλή ποιότητα και χαμηλές τιμές γιατί δίνουν περισσότερη βαρύτητα στο προϊόν παρά στη συσκευασία. Ευχαριστώ πολύ για το σχόλιό σου! :)

  11. The polish is so pretty <3
    Great haul doll ;)

  12. That's a fab haul! And I love haul posts, I love seeing what fellow bloggers buy :)

  13. Πολύ ωραία!! Καλοφόρετα!! Καλη σου εβδομάδα!! Φιλάκια!!

  14. @CookingChinchillas: thanks hun! <3

    @Cel: thank you sweety!!

    @Μοντέρνα Σταχτοπούτα: Ευχαριστώ πολύ καλή μου! Πολλά φιλάκια και από μένα!

  15. Great haul! I, too, got Baby lips lipgloss- to me, it looks as sheer as the hypershine lipglosses :( The 1.70 blusher in Shy is very... matte! Doesn't look good on me at all :( I hope the blushes you picked are better in texture and pigmentation!


  16. I love haul posts, and I love the products you got...I will make my e.l.f. purchase very soon!

  17. @cbsg5861: the ones I got are not matte and they don't have glitter in them, I'll do swatches!

    @fairy_ana: thanks doll!


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